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Welcome to Panama Panama Panama Panama Panama "Panama is the most beautiful retreat in the world and almost undiscovered." Harper's Bazaar

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Torio Beach Property

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Torio Region in Panama Torio is a small town located on the western coast of Veraguas Province in Panama. It is just over a 4 hour drive from Panama City. Torio is 75 minutes by car from the provincial capital Santiago, which has major shopping and commercial amenities. There used to be scheduled flights from Panama City to the airport in Santiago, the provincial capital. The service was discontinued, but the air strip has recently been re-paved and service could be restarted if demand increases.

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Geography of Torio Geographically, the Torio region is well- suited for development. There is good access to roads and electricity. The western side of the Azuero Peninsula is unique because it is one of the few places in the country with sunset views over the water. The Torio area is characterized by gently rolling hills that descend slowly to the ocean, creating large numbers of potential ocean-view building sites, as well as excellent coast-line development opportunities.

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Special features of the region Coiba, an island a boat ride off the west shore of the peninsula, is a national park that the government is opening up to tourism. It boasts the largest coral reef on the Pacific side of the Americas. These waters offer excellent deep-sea fishing. On Coiba, jaguars and ocelots roam free, and the Scarlet Macaw can be found in the wild. Beyond Torio, at the southern end of the Azuero Peninsula, is Cerro Hoya National Park, where you can trek on horseback through the preserve, hike, and camp. Off these shores, the scuba diving and surfing are top-notch attractions.

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Views from the Torio Region

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The Beach Property in Torio

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Over 1 Mile of Beachfront The property has 1700 meters of beachfront.

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Torio Property Survey Consisting of a narrow, mile-long strip of beachfront, with a depth ranging from 85 to 200 meters, bounded by forest at the rear and a road in front, with road and electricity access, the property is perfect for development. The property can be divided into approximately 85 lots, each with at least 25 meters of beach frontage. Pacific Ocean

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Pacific Ocean Mangroves Mangroves Estuary

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Between the beach and the property is a road (on the left side of the picture) which provides easy access to all parts of the property.

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The property consists of a flat plain, ideal for building, with old growth forest at the back, home to many bird species.

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Mature palm trees at the back of the property.

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Estuary behind the forest at the back of the property.

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Estuary connects the ocean to the back of the property.

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New Developments in the Region By comparison with other areas of Panama, property in the Torio region is still inexpensive. Until recently, the Torio area has been largely undeveloped and there are currently few amenities for foreigners in the area. That is beginning to change with the opening of three foreign residential developments in the area, including one by a Canadian and one by a Norwegian.

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Lief Simon is a principal behind one of these developments, although his appears to be early stage. A few years ago, as Real Estate Director for “International Living” , Simon helped put Panama on the map as a destination for foreign retirees, thus contributing to a five year real estate boom. He has recently released a website (see: offering an early entry in his new development in the Torio area at “wholesale” prices of $18 per meter. That development is 220 Hectares with 1000 meters of beach front, which generates about a theoretical $40 million sell-out price. The present opportunity -- 20 hectares with 1700 meters of beach compares favourably to Simon’s offering. More importantly, Simon has the demonstrated capacity and seemingly the desire to make the Torio area a choice location (ie. effectively creating the potential for free marketing for the area).

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All houses in this Norwegian’s development have spectacular ocean views

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New house with swimming pool ($250,000) View from the deck View from the living room View from the kitchen

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View onto the building sites below

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