The BYOD Cloud Classroom


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The BYOD Cloud Classroom Kerry Guiliano & Allyson Dewar Oakland Schools

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Agenda Why BYOD? Establishing Expectations in a BYOD Environment Establishing Routines Working in the Cloud Classroom

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Side Note/Suggestion: Website or “Online Presence” beyond the Cloud is highly recommended… Somewhere for the students/parents to “land”

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Sustainable 2013 Pew Research Center Study: “Teens and Technology” 78% of teens now have a cell phone, and almost half (47%) of those own smartphones. That translates into 37% of all teens who have smartphones, up from just 23% in 2011. One in four teens (23%) have a tablet computer, a level comparable to the general adult population. Nine in ten (93%) teens have a computer or have access to one at home. Seven in ten (71%) teens with home computer access say the laptop or desktop they use most often is one they share with other family members. About three in four (74%) teens ages 12-17 say they access the internet on cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices at least occasionally.

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Economical Image: 'Happy Presidents Day' Almost 50% of teens age 12 – 17 have a smartphone. (78% have a cell phone of some kind). 1 in 4 have a tablet. *If a school chooses this model of supplying those who don’t have a device. Another option is to collect donated smartphones from the community. Can still access Wi-Fi and the Google Play or Apple App Store, etc.,  just not 3G/4G.

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Teacher & Student Choice ...

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“Homogenization of any tool is never a good idea in a context that is intended to foster creativity.” - Andrew Marcinek Director of Technology & Co-founder, Boston, MA Taken from: Why BYOD Makes Sense: Thinking Beyond a Standardized 1:1

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Establishing Expectations

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BYOD Policy “The Usual” WiFi Network Loss, Theft, Damage Texting Privacy The Dot System

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Teacher Expectations Pet Peeves! taken from:

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Establishing Routines

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Within the Classroom Dot System Implementation Apps Texting Service

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Working in the Cloud Classroom @sjunkins

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Any file type Create/Share folders with groups View or Edit 2GB space - earn up to 16GB free Device Agnostic Good Apps for Android, iOS, Computer (so-so for Windows Phone) Web Browser Collaboration - Dropbox

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Invite Students to Sign Up/Download Dropbox = Free Space! Free Space! Free Space! (Up to 16GB) Yea Baby!

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Collaboration - Google Drive Any file type Create/Share folders with groups View or Edit Document Creation Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Forms, Drawing 15GB between Drive, Gmail & Google+ Device Agnostic Good Apps for Android, iOS, Computer Web Browser Scripts & Web Apps that make Life Easy Scripts: Doctopus, Flubaroo; Web Tool: Kaizena

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My Process of Sharing Folders Collect Student Email Addresses (Google Form on Website) Create one folder for each class, then inside that folder, create a folder for each student named: student last name, first name Invite student to join folder using email address provided Have student install Dropbox onto their device

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Or, to be more exact...

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Collaboration - Evernote Create Notes Share with Class Add Tags Pictures Searchable Audio Sick Kids, Snow Days 60 MB/mo Handwritten Notes Device Agnostic

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Collaboration - Hangouts vs. Skype

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Ideas for Google Hangouts/Skype Virtual Office Hours (Hangouts & Skype) Study Sessions (Hangouts) Final Exam Review Sessions (Hangouts)

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In Other Words… Excessive Snow Days can be PRODUCTIVE!

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Go SoapBox

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Let’s try it! Enter code: 682-098-847

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