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No matter what the wind speed is… Metamorph

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Winners manage to sail ahead

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No matter what the competition is…

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Winners manage to surge ahead

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Winners WIN… no matter what Metamorph

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They don’t waste time blaming the hurdles

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They don’t waste time blaming their burdens

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Winners win…No matter what Metamorph

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YOU can choose to win

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Because WINNING is…

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the ATTITUDE you choose...

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…before the race begins

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Winning is the COMMITMENT you make…

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…before the shot is fired

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When you thirst to WIN, and pay the price in effort…

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YOU WILL WIN… No matter what!

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Fire Up CD has 20 different topics… Win no mater what Chase intensely Be led by goals Redefine your possibilities Assume no limits Finish what you start Learn Overcome finishing anxiety See failure in new light Overcome self-doubt Harness the power of persistence Change your point of view Think Different View pain as progress Stand the test Look up Strive for excellence Give it your best shot Create Take the first step

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Show ‘Fire Up’ CD in your Sales meetings to push your team for more sales

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Show ‘Fire Up’ CD to add energy to your team huddles, conferences and off sites

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Show ‘Fire Up’ CD to add emotional power to your presentations

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Use ‘Fire Up’ CD as a powerful tool for self-motivation Metamorph

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Go ahead! Unlock the potential of your team with ‘Fire Up’

Summary: Fire Up Audiovisual

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