South Carolina Field Trips


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50 41st Avenue Isle of Palms, SC 29451 843.886.5000

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Testimonials "A special thanks to Shane Ziegler of Barrier Island Eco Tours, Isle of Palms, for sharing his invaluable insights and vast knowledge about the Lowcountry, its wildlife and ecosystem. And the tours are fabulous!" -Mary Alice Monroe, Author of The Beach House

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Testimonials "Barrier Island Ecotours is hands down worth a trip to Charleston to experience. The sights of the salt marsh and all it has to offer is worth every penny. Where else can you experience up close and personally all the marine and terrestrial wildlife the estuaries and capers island has to offer? From dolphins, crabs, deer, alligators, abundant fish, you will have a blast being entertained by the outdoors. Every trip is a surprise because you don't know what you will encounter. If you want peace and relaxation at the same time of excitement these are the trips for you and your family and friends of any ages. Ask the naturalists and they will tell you the hot spots of where to go and what trips are best suited for your group." -Lee Sparwasser

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Testimonials "As Charleston locals, my family has the incredible opportunity to go on a nature tour with Barrier Island Ecotours at least once a summer and often times, more! With their many options like crabbing trips, dolphin excursions, sunset cruises, etc., we always have a great time and it's never the same trip twice. The captains handle the boats with precision, and the naturalists have an incredible amount of knowledge and keep everyone entertained and laughing. And then there's the fishing charters! Our daughter LOVES fishing with Mr. Shane, and every time we've been out, she's caught enough fish to make her ask almost every day when we can go again. I highly recommend Barrier Island Ecotours for visitors and locals alike..." - Michael Schumpert

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners Make sure you have a license Make sure if you are planning to go for deep-sea fishing alone or with your family you get a correct license that will permit you to fish in various areas that are open for individuals to fish. Contact your local wildlife commission for more information about the license.

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners Know the weather-forecast & tide schedules Among the most significant danger impacting fishing in the deep-sea, is unpleasant weather, so prior to heading out ensure you know more about the weather forecast and tide schedules. You do not wish to have a bumpy ride in-the-sea.

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners Find out the best ways to tie a knot In fact this ability will make a big difference between catching a fish and the ones that get-away. Ask an experienced individual to teach you exactly how to tie knots.

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Beginners Find out more about the various sorts of fishes When going deep sea fishing, understanding more about various fish types can really assist you in choosing lures and baits. Discover even more about what a certain fish likes and how it behaves. If you are going on a fishing trip and there is any reef close by, make sure you start your fishing there. Because, this is where bigger fishes often hang out to consume various little fishes which live in the reef.

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South Carolina Field Trips We offer excellent deep sea fishing opportunities year round to help you experience fishing in the Charleston at a whole new level.

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50 41st Avenue Isle of Palms, SC 29451 843.886.5000

Summary: South Carolina Field Trips - The first part of our South Carolina field trips will be spent on the boat exploring the tidal creeks of the salt marsh. The second part of the trip will be spent on the beach at Capers Island State Heritage Preserve. With over 2000 acres, Capers Island is a pristine barrier island which was bought by South Carolina in 1975 for the purpose of preserving it in its natural state.

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