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By Zhiying My second upgraded PowerPoint

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contents Black holes Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Sun Pluto Eris Back to title

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How Black holes are formed It’s a red dwarf that goes into the white dwarf stage and then implodes and turns into a Black holes. Then sucks up all the things in its way. Its so powerful that light can’t even escape. Back to contents

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What happens if you go into a Black Hole Scientists aren’t that sure but there are 2 answers. Number 1 You will stretch to infinity, number 2 you will come out of a white hole. Back to how Black holes are formed

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Mercury Mercury is the first planet from the sun and is really hot We think that there is ice on the other side of Mercury Back to what happens if you go into a Black hole

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Venus Venus orbits the sun every 224 days It is named after the god of romance. After the moon it is the brightest object in the sky. Back to Mercury

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Earth our home planet Earth is Known as our home planet. It’s the only planet that has life so far. Scientists think Earth used to be covered in Lava and the Moon was formed by a little planet as big as Mars that crashed into Earth and formed the moon. Back to Venus

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Mars Mars is named after the god of war also referred as the red planet even though it looks hot it is actually really cold. Its red because Its made of metal that rusts just like nails. Back to Earth

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Jupiter Jupiter has a red spot which is nearly as large as Earth it is A humongous storm .because of Jupiter's size it protects us from meteors that are supposed to crash onto Earth. Back to Mars

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Saturn Saturn is Famous because of its rings made from ice and rock. It is a gas giant, its name became Saturday. Saturn is the second biggest planet. Back to Jupiter

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Uranus It is named after the god of sky. It is also a Gas giant ,It was Discovered by William Herschel It is the Seventh planet from the sun and the third biggest. Back to Saturn

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Neptune Neptune is the outer most planet in the solar system Named after the Roman god of sea. It is the fourth biggest planet in the solar system. Back to Uranus

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The sun The sun is the big star that gives us light. It keeps us spinning around it. It will disappear in 5 trillion. Back to Neptune

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The moon The moon is stuck around Earth it Reflects light off the sun. when there's an Eclipse it means that the moon in front of the sun and blocks the light. Back to the sun

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Pluto Pluto is no longer a planet because it is to small and it orbits the sun in a different angle even our moon is bigger than Pluto Back to The moon

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Eris Eris is the largest known Dwarf planet it is 27% bigger than Pluto Back to Pluto

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Word find List: Solar Lunar Gravity Comet Orbit Sun Moon Ceres

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Word find List: Solar Lunar Gravity Comet Orbit Sun Moon Ceres

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Mars is red and cold The life cycle of a black hole Pluto is not a planet

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LI: I can think of as many words about Space. SC: I have written nouns and verbs. 6 minutes allowed! NAME Zhiying_______________

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I have thought of good questions I searched for my information I have found my information I wrote what the information meant Range of sources used I summarised my findings My presentation was… Name:Zhiying

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Summary: Zhiyings final presentation for space

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