Space by Kayla


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All about space By Kayla

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mercury Mercury is the closest to the sun Mercury is next to Venus

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Venus Venus is next to earth Venus is 2nd closest to the sun

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Earth Earth is where we live Earth is the only known planet to have live and humans

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mars Mars is red Mars has volcanos

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Jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system Jupiter is a gas giant Jupiter has 65 moons

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Saturn Saturn has 4 rings around it Saturn is the 2nd largest planet Saturn is a gas giant

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Uranus Uranus is a gas giant Uranus is on a tilt

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Neptune Neptune is the furthest from the sun Neptune is a gas giant

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Pluto Pluto is a dwarf planet and has joined 8 more planets. Scientists found out that if there are other planets bigger than Pluto why should Pluto be a planet ?

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The galaxy Most galaxies are 1,000 to 100,000 light years across Our galaxy is the milky way

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Black holes Is called ‘black’ because it orbits all the light that hits it.

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The sun The sun is a star The sun is red

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Eris Eris is a dwarf planet

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Ceres Ceres is a dwarf planet

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Charon Charon is Pluto's moon

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The moon The moon can be in different diagonals .

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Space junk Space junk is metal

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Spaceshutles Space shuttles are like a spaceship but a different name

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Apollo 9 Apollo was the 9th Apollo to be invented

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Apollo 10 Neil Armstrong was there Apollo 10

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Rockets Rockets help you get to space

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Neil Armstrong Neil Armstrong is the first person on the moon

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Stars There are different coloured stars

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Space Mercury Venus Earth Mars JUPITER Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Moon Sun Holes Black

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