Study Skills


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Study Skills

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Reading is an analytical Process Make meaning from written words Connect what you know to what you read READ

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Accept that college demands a lot of reading Set Expectations

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Know that some texts require extra work Make connections Look for order and meaning Think positive Define unclear concepts and words Consult resources, eg. Tutors, faculty Ask yourself questions Be honest with yourself Be openminded Take an Active Approach

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Select the right company or non Select the right location Select a time when you are focused and alert Choose the Right Setting

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Become fully engaged in the material Write down extraneous thoughts Don’t be distracted by technology How much time will you spend per session Plan a reward Learn to concentrate

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Stop and think about your reaction to ideas Discuss specific points with classmates Explore how the material relates to the real world Get Your Emotions Involved

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Ask yourself WHY am I doing this? What is the purpose?

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For every hour that you spend in class, spend two hours preparing for class. Spend Enough Time

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Us a dictionary Memorize SQ3R Survey Question Read Recite Review Other Strategies

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