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Weblog Assisted Grading Project for an EFL Writing Class YASUDA, Masami, Kwansei Gakuin Univ., myasuda@kwansei.ac.jp Theme: CALL: Integration or Disintegration? JALTCALL SIG 2007 Waseda Univ., Tokyo, JAPAN. June 3, 2007 JALTCALL SIG 2007 Waseda Univ., Tokyo, JAPAN

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2. Introduction - L2 writing Dichotomies/Dilemmas Fluency and accuracy Contrastive rhetoric debate Process vs. Product debate Assessment Feedback and error correction Casanave, Christine Pearson. (2004). Controversies in second language writing. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Univ. of Michigan. Cornor, Ulla (2002).   New directions in contrastive rhetoric, TESOL Quarterly, 36(4), pp. 494-510. Sachs, Rebecca, & Polio, Charlene. (2007).   Learners' uses of two types of written feedback on a L2 writing revision task, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 29(1), pp 67-100. Zamel, V. (1985). Responding to student writing. TESOL Quarterly, 19, 79-101.

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4.3. Past Project: Email Grading E-mail work Video - Separate video output (OHC) Audio Recording 1) Yahoo site 認証必要 2) Mirror site (infoseek): some years with index only

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6.1. Past Project: Video narrative final Project: Video Narration – student’s audio Student audio in MP3-shrt Local: audio file Web site: VoiceBlog site latest PPT in SWF 3/5/2007: Local file: KG030507-3.swf (3/5/2007): Drive HQ published folder

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7. Projects in progress: Weblog Projects Weblog Projects: http://advcomp.wordpress.com/ RSS readers RSS: Rich Site Summary  wikipedia RSS reader service: Infoseek (example) http://reader.www.infoseek.co.jp/reader/ My RSS and Podcasting intro. for students: Podcasting with RSS and WEB 2.0 Composition grading: Online Slide show on how to post and read theads: http://1458462720.slide.com/

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7.1. Weblog Projects Weblog Projects: http://advcomp.wordpress.com/ Students Weblogs and comments Privacy protection with PINs http://advcomp.wordpress.com/tag/classblog/ http://myasuda.my.land.to/treebbs/tree.php?n=470

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8. Tools: Forum BBS in PHP WELL Project Presentation and others Portfolio: WELL projects: http://myasuda2.hp.infoseek.co.jp/public_html/032205.f/ Audio Projects: http://wiki.livedoor.jp/myasudakg/d/MenuBar2 Forum BBS in PHP attb - myasuda http://atbb.jp/myasuda/?infoseek

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8.2. How to read students’ Blog threads: via WEB Portal Page

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9. Additional benefit: RSS Mixing and Podcasting Forum BBS in PHP attb – myasuda “Feed2Podcast” RSS mixing and audio generation How to register RSS? Registering my WordPress blog site New feed (XML) to be created with Widgets. Pasted at my PHP BBS site http://atbb.jp/myasuda/?infoseek

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9.1. RSS Mix: Podcasting students’ Blogs standaloneslides show (exe) uploaded

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9.2. RSS Mixing (2): Podcasting with Vocal Fruits Show time: Join05210700005.avi Show time: Join05210700008.avi

Summary: Web Enhanced Language Learning

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