Private Sharing

Want to share your presentation privately on the web? Do it easily at SlideBoom! Get a secret URL for your presentation and send it to your partners, colleagues and friends.


SlideBoom supports even the most sophisticated presentations with lot of rich media content and keeps your PowerPoint animations and transitions.

PowerPoint Add-in

SlideBoom allows you to maximize your presentation sharing experience with the iSpring Free PowerPoint Add-in. It provides additional presentation tuning facilities and eliminates upload limitations.


Have video clips in your presentation? Use the iSpring PowerPoint add-in to publish your PPT with video to SlideBoom and enjoy playing it smoothly.


If you have presentations with audio narration recorded in PowerPoint, they will play on SlideBoom perfectly while keeping audio and slides in sync. Click here to view a tutorial.


You can share and discuss presentations on a certain topic in SlideBoom groups. Create a group and start building your community at SlideBoom today!

PowerPoint 2010 Support

PowerPoint 2010 introduced a lot of new and stylish effects. With SlideBoom, you can upload and share them on the web.

Graphical Annotations

This unique feature of SlideBoom allows you to draw on your slides with a marker. You can save your scribbles at SlideBoom and make them available for all portal users.

Your Slidelog

Create your space at SlideBoom! The personalized web page is quite handy for managing presentations and channels. It is available for SlideBoom PRO account users.

Private Groups

A SlideBoom PRO account allows you to protect your content from unauthorized viewing and make it available for your group members only.