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What Ever Happened to Deep Convection in the Greenland Sea? R. Somavilla et al.

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LR: Lomonosov Ridge FS: Fram Strait JMR: Jan Mayen Ridge Strong warming and saltening of the deep Greenland Sea occurred as a result of the halt of deep convection since the beginning of the 1980s. Somavilla et al., 2013 causes? Consequences Halt Of Deep Convection Causes We know that … but we don’t know ….

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Thus, we need to know what factors control the occurrence of deep convection in the Greenland Sea, and if there have been changes on them. Let’s see which are these factors first.

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Deep Convection 1- Dome-like structure of isopycnals ↑↑↑Qnet 2- Strong heat losses from the ocean to the atmosphere 3- Preconditioning Atlantic water Polar water Ice formation That is a section of the Greenland Sea at 75ºN with sea surface on the top and the sea floor at the bottom. Mainly, three factor are considered to favour deep convection in the Greenland Sea that means that any particular density level -represented by the purple line- is closer to the surface in the center of the Greenland Sea, and so also the densest waters, which facilitates the vertical mixing and deep convection that makes the waters at the surface colder, and so denser, which makes them to deepen and mix the water column from the surface until they reach a level where the waters above are lighter and the waters below denser. that means basically how much Atlantic water (warm and saline) vs polar surface water (cold and fresher) and ice formation takes place at the surface

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There have been changes on them? That’s an easy question and the answer is YES. Do you want to know Which and Why? Don’t leave the next chapter ;-)

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Many thanks for your attention

Summary: You probably know about deep convection as one of the processes responsible for the generation of very cold and dense waters at high latitudes, and so involved in the renovation of the deep water masses of the ocean and important for ocean circulation. For further information: http://fromtheblueside.blogspot.de/2014/09/meeting-with-old-friend.html

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