The World's longest Fence. Australia.


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Dingo Fence ____ The Dingo Fence, is nearly a thousand miles longer than the Great Wall of China. from National Geographic, April 1997)

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World's longest fence. The dingo fence is one of the longest structures on the planet, and the world's longest fence. Dingoes and sheep farmers are in conflict as the dingoes kill sheep. To protect livestock, the Australian government built a 5,600 km (3,400 mile) long dingo fence. 5614 kilometers, however at one time it did stretch for over 8000 kilometers. The fence is nearly 2 meters (6 ft.) high and extends about 30 cm underground to keep the dingo from digging under it. It was only partly successful; Dingo can still be found in parts of the southern states to this day. The fence helped reduce losses of sheep to predators.

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The Dingo Fence was not always a dog fence; in fact it started out as a rabbit proof fence back in 1884. This fence was built across the South East section of Australia, and it proved to be unsuccessful. In 1914 the unsuccessful rabbit proof fence was converted into a dog fence. By 1948 the Dingo Barrier Fence Scheme was first proposed. This scheme entailed joining all the dog fences together to form one continuous structure called the Dingo Fence. Between 1948 and up until the early 1970s, the landholders maintained most of the Dingo Fence. However sections started to fall into disrepair and an overhaul was needed. From 1975 to 1982 the estimated cost of repairing the whole 8614 kilometers of dog fence was $915,000. Due to the opposition to the cost of the project the state government decided to exclude previously protected areas in Central-Western Queensland and north-western Queensland, shortening the Dingo Fence to its current length of 5614 kilometers.

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The Dingo. The dingo was probably introduced to Australia when the Aborigines arrived. Even though it is not a native animal, this member of the dog family has been a part of the Australian ecosystem for 3,000 to 4,000 years. The dingo does play an important role in the Australian ecosystem. They help keep the wild rabbit, feral cats and fox population in balance.

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Australia's dingo fence is the longest fence in the world and stretches from the coast in South Australia, along the NSW border, and through Queensland to keep dingoes out of the south east of the country.

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Not every dingo is a sheep killer. A hungry dingo will kill sheep. Dingo pups chase sheep for fun. The dingo pup is the same as any dog. Even in a Chihuahua, the instinct to kill is there."

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Dingo Attack.

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Cameron’s Corner. Dingo Fence .

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Many Dingo Protection Associations and Conservation Groups are lobbying the Australian and State Governments to have the Dingo declared a Protected Species. The issue of protecting the Dingo versus the protection of valuable farm livestock is a complex, controversial and on-going campaign.. A new report into the major economic hurdles associated with wild dogs in the Queensland grazing industry reveals a staggering cost of more than $67 million in 2008/09.

Summary: Dingo Dog Fence. A fight for life.

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