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Darwin Horan is a an experienced businessman...

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he is a great businessman...

darwinhorancolorado (4 years ago)

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Darwin Horan serves as president of Ventana Capital in Englewood, Colorado. He oversees a bonding capacity of more than $170 million, which he allocates to the development of a variety of commercial properties....

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Darwin Horan Colorado: The Real Estate King As the chief executive officer and president of the Ventana Capital Inc, Mr. Horan has acquired more than 20 years industry experience while as he took the Englewood based organization to another height in that period. Under his directions, Ventana Capital has established one of the largest real estate portfolios in Denver. http://horandarwin7.wordpress.com http://ventanacapitalincdarwinhoran.wordpress.com/tag/darwin-horan-colorado/

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Darwin Horan Ventana Capital inc His philanthropic lifestyle cannot be overlooked as well. He is also a religious person, as shown in his fellowship award of the Christian Athletics Lifetime Achievement. Mr. Darwin has been appointed at one time or another as head of civic groups such as Mayor Webb Oversight Committee, Castle Pine Park Authority, Castle Pines North, and Coaches of Excellence. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXoEVLs_52Y http://ventanacapitalincdarwinhoran2.wordpress.com/

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Darwin Horan Darwin Horan is a Colorado based  businessman who is the owner of Ventana Capital Inc, a land management and home building firm based in Denver. He has gained more than 2 decades of industry experience as the chief executive officer and president of the prestigious firm.  He has more than $250 million in his portfolio of real estates managed by the company.  http://darwinhorancolorado3.wordpress.com/

Summary: After obtaining a business degree from the Arizona State University, Darwin started working in the land management and home building industry.

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