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Terry Hay of Hawaii An Introduction Terry Hay of Hawaii has a degree from the University of California at Irvine, which provided him the knowledge and the skill to establish a successful career in the business community. Terry is an educated and successful business professional. He has also experienced success both as an academic and as a business owner. Terry was so successful in business that he initially retired at the age of 40.

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Terry Hay of Hawaii An Educated Man Terry Hay of Hawaii received his economics degree more than four decades ago, and continues to exhort the benefits of a quality education. Terry was a successful student at the University of California at Irvine. Terry appreciates the opportunities that a quality education provides. During his student tenure at Irvine, Terry has received a high-quality education in business and economics that has allowed hm to be so successful in the business arena over the past few years.

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Terry Hay of Hawaii An Early Retirement Terry Hay of Hawaii's early business success provided him with the opportunity to enter retirement at the age of 40, though he soon returned to the business community to create another prosperous and profitable business venture. Terry is a business savvy professional with experience starting and running a successful business. His business prowess allowed him to quickly turn a small food distribution company into a substantial success.

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Terry Hay of Hawaii An Entrepreneur Terry Hay of Hawaii has been successful because of his indepth knowledge and understanding of the business world, as well as his courteous and fair nature when dealing with customers. He says that his experienced success is due to his dedication to the customer, which is second to none in the industry. Terry is a professional businessman who has been making quite a name for himself over the last few years. Terry only hopes to continue his success in the future. He opened the first successful business in Hawaii.

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Summary: Terry Hay of Hawaii says that learning is the most effective life tool that you can possess as a person, because if you are willing and capable of learning, you have no limit to your potential contributions. He has had to lead a team of employees during the most turbulent of times, and says that in his experience, the best employee is not the fastest or smartest, but the one who is most willing and ready to learn. Terry is a professional business owner who has been in the food industry for many years now.

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