Dr Leslie Griesdorf-A Former Dentist


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Dr Leslie Griesdorf spent a large portion of his career practicing as a dentist and a member of the Ontario Dental Association, as well as the Canadian Dental Association. Dr Leslie Griesdorf A Former Dentist

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Dr Leslie Griesdorf is a professional dentist who retired a little over ten years ago after a very successful career. While the dental community is sad to see such a talented and diligent member go, they were happy to have him as long as they did. Dr Leslie Griesdorf Great Service

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Dr Leslie Griesdorf is a firm believer that music is a language for the soul, one that directly communicates with people on a deeper level. This belief has forged a passion for music in him, one that has resulted in him spending his free time collecting various musical pieces that speak to him. Dr Leslie Griesdorf A Man of Music

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Dr Leslie Griesdorf is a retired dentist who worked in the field for many years, doing his best to be better at his craft. One of the things that his patients note is that his caring attitude and demeanor set him apart from other professionals in the dentistry field. Dr Leslie Griesdorf Caring For Others

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https://drlesliegriesdorf.wordpress.com/ https://www.pinterest.com/drlesliegriesdo/

Summary: Dr Leslie Griesdorf is not just a retired dentist with a long history of professionalism, but is also an avid health enthusiast. He believes that it is important to maintain the body as well as the mind in order to lead a happier lifestyle. It is for that reason that he works out at least four days a week, a routine he has kept going since high school. This has helped him in later years keep up with his family and profession.

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