Art and Science at LUMCON


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Coastal Waters Art & Science Camp April Olivier “Window of Time”-2014 Presentation by Murt Conover, Senior Marine Educator Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium

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Coastal Waters Art & Science Camp •  Hosted by LUMCON at the DeFelice Marine Center, Cocodrie, Louisiana •  Funded by LUMCON & the Coastal Waters Consor=um through a grant from the Gulf of Research Ini=a=ve •  June 2014 and June 2015 (1-­‐week residen=al camp) •  Led by science educators and professional ar=sts/educators

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Program Mission: To further scien.fic research experience and expression among students grades 8-­‐12. Program Objec2ves: students gain research experience and the skills needed to execute quality field research projects foster environmental stewardship for Louisiana’s threatened coastal ecosystems students will be able to effec.vely communicate scien.fically and ar.s.cally to help educate others and to s.mulate ac.on for environmental conserva.on/ knowledge. Coastal Waters Art & Science Camp Marissa Nguyen “Periwinkle Parade”-2014

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Grayson Goolsby “playful Cuteness”-2015 Isabelle Townsend “Great Blue”-2015

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Hallie Rogers “Ghost Trees of Cocodrie”-2015 Pearlie Leaf “Squid”-2014

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Hallie Rogers “Sea Ox-eye”-2015 Seletra Sylve “Bay Anchovy Study”-2014