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Cedar Point Biological Station Ogallala, NE University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Biological Sciences

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Cedar Point Biological Station University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Biological Sciences CEDARPOINT.UNL.EDU Jon Garbisch, associate director

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My Biases (with no claim to being reasonable): !  Field based instruction is always better. !  A lousy day in the field is always better than a good day inside. !  STEAM is cool and science without art is just dull. !  Geology is at the root of anything you can call STEAM. !  CPBS is under utilized and an ideal incubator for creative concepts

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September 2013 with a few leads from CPBS alumni I approached the UNL Department of Art and Art History. I asked one faculty member Karen Kunc if the department might be interested in offering an art course in the summer of 2014.

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They said YES! But only if they had at least 5 years to try it. Summer 2014 was a place holder, Photography: PHOT161. In 2015 we offered ARTP 183: Eco-Printing into Bookmaking

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•  2 weeks •  3 credits •  $375 for room & board •  $50 course fee PHOT 161

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•  First year we offered a course with 13 students and hosted 5 resident ar5sts. •  The resident ar5st program is intended for academic professionals, K-­‐12 art teachers, graduate students, and faculty. •  2014: Doane College, UNL, Nebraska Weslyan, 2 from Creighton

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ARTP 183 Eco-printing into Bookmaking •  2 weeks •  3 credits •  $460 for room & board •  $50 course fee

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•  2nd year we offered a course with 7 students and hosted 5 resident ar5sts. •  2015: Doane College*, UNL, UNO, Wayne State College, Southeast Community College •  Note that two of these ar,sts have donated items for our auc,on!

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Kat Shiffler asked if she could aQend as an observing ar5st. She created this great mini-­‐documentary. hQps://

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From the Art and Art History chair, Pete Pinnell: "We're always looking for new capabilities, new knowledge that we can provide for our students," said Pinnell. "We could never afford to open our own facility in western Nebraska, but we can take advantage of a facility that already exists and add our program to theirs."

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•  •  Resident ar5st Monique Belitz*, Doane College, Crete NE

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•  Monique has started on a mixed media mural in the study area of our library.

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Doane College par5ally funded this effort which included 2 students this first year for less than week at the sta5on.

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We can do more than biology

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Our brand is mostly a focused residential learning experience.

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Next years ARTP 383 may be mostly sculpture and drawing, and lets hope for external funding for some of the resident artists.

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Join the Friends of CPBS Ogallala, NE UNL School of Biological Sciences