ArtLab at Mountain Lake, VA


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How is started: •  2011: Art Instructor asked to bring her drawing class •  2012: Drawing and sculpture class offered •  2013: Got funding ($2K), ar3sts invited •  2014: Art-­‐biology collabora3on sound ar3st Stephen Vi3ello and evolu3onary biologist Kasey Fowler-­‐Finn •  2015: High profile show at Virginia Tech featuring the science – art collabora3on •  Two weeks in July •  Five to seven ar3sts na3onally recruited by nomina3on and invita3on (they pay R&B) •  Occupy central studio (lab) space •  Par3cipate in field sta3on Open House •  Sta3on subsidizes minor expenses and waives fees •  One “Lucile Walton Fellow” supported with modest funds from Provost’s office •  Gives special public lecture •  Five UVA undergraduate art students selected and supported by Art Department •  Fully incorporated into field sta3on community