Visual Marketing Means Big Business in 2016


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You’re probably familiar with the 4 P’s of marketing – product, promotion, price and place. Well, when you work with solutions, you need to take a different approach to marketing. I call it SEVA and it’s based on work done by professors Chekitan Dev and Don Schultz several years back. The four key steps of solution marketing are solution, education, value and access. The first step is understanding the customer problem and defining the solution that solves the problem. Next step: educating the market about the problem and your solution, and engaging with prospective customers. The next element involves looking at the value provided by the solution. Value equals the customer benefit less the total cost of the solution. And finally, access – the ability for customers to purchase and use the solution successfully in the way that works best for them.

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Introduction to Marketing Solution

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ELASTIC limits competition company yourself services products

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Beyond Products: Solution Marketing

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Agenda Introduction Beyond products Marketing Solutions Solution Marketing & Demand Generation  Strategy & Execution  Access Building your marketing solution strategy Discovery Account Profiling/List Augmentation Demand Creation/Lead Generation 

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Beyond Products The Solution Imperative

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Typical Company Wants… Company

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What is a Solution Anyways? To get the best out of your home business, you might want to look into a range of online marketing solutions. Should you be currently residing in Ireland or anywhere in the UK, serving the needs of your clients will be easier through a fantastic online marketing program.

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Typical Customer Wants… Customer --- Pain Points Complete Solution Everything to solve the customer’s problem

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Why Marketing Solutions? Drip Marketing and Lead Nurturing  End-to-End Campaign Management  Avoid in-house/SI build or integration Powerful Reporting Engine  Mature markets

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Marketing Solutions Customer-Centric Marketing for Today

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Marketing Solution Adds Value To Marketing, Sales and Product Management

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The 4 P’s – All About the Company “Build it and they will come” Outbound, interruption marketing Cost-plus; margin is king Best channels for us to sell the product

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Marketing Solution – All About the Customer Customer --- Pain Points End-to-End Marketing for Today Customer-Focused Marketing “How can I solve my problem?” “How can I learn more about it?” “How will it help me and what is my total sacrifice to get this solution?” “Where can I find it?”

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Building Your Solution Marketing Strategy Discovery Strategies for: Solutions Engagement Access

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Education & Engagement: Strategy Market Education Market Engagement Field Enablement/ Sales Frictionless Sales Demand Gen

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Summary: Lead Generation program in 2016, here you can get complete marketing solutions for you business, for more information please visit us.

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