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Alissa Breindel Austin Strong Education Before she became a professional teacher in Austin, Alissa Breindel studied for her Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of California, where she made the Dean’s List. She then continued her studies at Boston University, earning a Master’s degree in Education and creating the foundation of knowledge that she would build on during the course of her teaching career.

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Alissa Breindel Austin Traits You Need To Be A Teacher As both the owner of Strategic SAT Prep and a professional teacher, Alissa Breindel Austin has had the privilege of meeting a number of fellow teachers while working in Austin. She notes that good teachers tend to share a number of common personality traits, First and foremost, the best teachers all have a passion for what they do and consider teaching to be their calling. Teachers must understand that they will need to be able to adapt their lesson plans as needed, particularly if they are teaching a class of students that doesn’t respond well to certain teaching methods. Alissa Breindel points out that a teacher who is happy to rest on their laurels will often not provide the best service to their students.

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Alissa Breindel Austin Keeping Students Engaged As an experienced professional teacher in Austin, Texas, Alissa Breindel understands that keeping students engaged during the course of a lesson is one of the most difficult challenges that a teacher will face. By holding students accountable for their learning experience, you will encourage them to keep paying attention throughout the course of the lesson. All teachers have their preferred style of lesson delivery, but it is important to recognize that many of your students will prefer another form of learning. Alissa Breindel has found that many of the students that she teaches in Austin, Texas struggle to maintain their focus during lessons if they can see no real-life application for the things they are learning.

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Alissa Breindel Austin Tips For Dealing With SAT Anxiety Alissa Breindel understands that preparing for the SAT requires much more than studying. The anxiety that many students experience during the buildup to the exams can also have a negative impact on their final grades. It may feel as though you need to spend every spare moment that you have studying, but this will often lead to exhaustion and more anxiety in the long run. Try to separate your bed entirely from your studying. Alissa Breindel tells her students in Austin, Texas that everybody has their own study techniques and you will only end up stressing yourself out even more if you keep talking with your friends about their progress.

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