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Verb “To Be” Meet my friends !

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Hello. My name ____ Elfin. I _____ a fairy elf. I ___ from the Elf Kingdom. I ___ the King’s son. My favourite food ___ ice-cream. Pink and brown ___ my favorite colours. Here ___ my best friends. Let’s meet them! is am is are are am am

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My name ____Freya. I _____ a fairy from the Elf Kingdom. Elvin ___ my best friend. My favourite food ___ cookies, but I like fruit too. My hobby ____ gardening. I love flowers very much, they ____ so beautiful! is am is is are is

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I ________ Nim. I have two sisters, their names ________ Keya and Lura. My hobby _______ hunting. I enjoy singing songs too. My favourite colour ________ green. am are is is

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Hi, I ________ Elva. My hair ______ fair and my eyes __ blue. My hobby ___ dancing. Pushkin and Andersen ________ my favourite writers. Elfin and I ___ best friends. am is are are is are

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Hi, My name ________ Mia. I____ kind and friendly. Dancing and playing the harp ___ my hobbies. My best friends _____ Elfin, Nim and Freya. My favourite food _____ strawberries. is am are are is

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