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DISEASES Diseases are symptoms that damage your body in different ways.Diseases are transmitted by viruses and other organisms.There are many types of diseases:hederitary,contagious,mild,lethal,that can not be cured.You can cure them with medicines,treatments…and in serious cases with operations.To prevent them you have to have hygiene,play sport,eat healthy,get vaccinated….

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TYPES OF DISEASES AIDS AIDS or HIV is transmitted through unprotected sex, contaminated blood transfusion and can be transmitted to the baby during the childbirth.Today there isn´t cure or vaccine to cure the disease.

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PSYCHOSIS There are two types:Allucinations:He believe that he hears,see and feels things that do not exist.And Delusions:These are things that you believe and are not really but you believe in this and only you believe that it is really.To remove the psychosis there are special treatments for each case.

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CIRROSIS It is caused by drink much alcohol. The cause is the liver not work and if not trated you can die.Today it can´t be cured. So don´t drink alcohol.

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MALARIA Malaria is transmitted by a parasite that is in an infected mosquitoe.The parasite travels to the liver where they mature.The symptoms are chills,fever and headache. There may be nausea,vomiting and cough.

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