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THE ALCOHOL By Carlos Díaz Fontalba and Ismael El-Malki Dakibou

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How Does Alcohol Affects Our Organism? Alcohol is the most abused drug in the world and also causes addiction. These are some of its consequences: Nausea, viscous and biliary vomiting, gastritis, pancreatitis and alcoholic hepatitis. You can also lose your memory after a time drinking, so now you know that you musn’t drink alcohol in high amounts.

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Why does alcohol affects more on children’s organisms? Alcohol affects more in children’s organism. This is because their organism isn’t mature yet. This is why children‘s less than 18 years old can’t drink any alcohol drinks in most of countries.

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How do we get alcohol from? Ethyl alcohol is obtained by two ways: 1.-By fermentation of fruits or grains like: wines and beer. 2.-By disillation: artificial means to increase the concentration of alcohol in beverage. Examples: cognac whiskey…

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How do we measure alcohol? There are formulas for calculating the grams of alcohol contained in a drink as well as for calculating alcohol levels for men and woman. The name of the most famous formula is the alcohol units, “A.U”.

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Why pregnancy womans can´t take alcohol? Alcohol and pregnancy are not a good combination. Anybody knows exactly how much pain alcohol can cause your unborn baby, even a small amount. Fun Fact! If you watch The Simpsons, Bart is a thug because of Marge drank a little bit of alcohol. That’s one good example!

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How can we prevent alcoholism? The main recommendation to prevent it is to not drink any alcohol after the 18 years old. You also have to inform adolescents about the real consequences of alcohol and also, eliminate all the risk factors. So remember children, don’t try it under the 18 years old.

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I HOPE YOU LIKED IT! Thanks for your attention and i hope you liked it. Bye! SAY NO TO ALCOHOL KIDS OMG THANKS!

Summary: Carlos e Ismael

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