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Malena Calderón Cano Carla Sánchez Civantos 6C A BALANCE DIET

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FOOD PYRAMID Sweets. Use sparingly. Milk, cheese, meat, fish and eggs. 2 - 3 servings. Vegetables and fruits. 3 – 5 servings. 2 – 4 servings. Bread, cereal and rice. 6 – 11 servings.

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SWEETS · People have always liked eating sweets. · Eating sweets fattening people and also prick your teeth. ·26 percent of adolescence who eat sweets are fatter than those who do not eat sweets.

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PROTEINS · They give our body the nutrients it needs for growth. · Proteins build, maintains and replaces the tissues in your body. · Your muscles, your organs and your immune system are made up mostly of proteins.

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VITAMINS AND MINERALS · They keep our body working properly and help prevent illness. · We need vitamins and minerals to us grow. · Most people should get all the nutriends they need by having a varied and balanced diet.

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CARBOHYDRATES · They give our body the energy it needs to stay active. · What’s most important is the type of carbohydrates you choose to eat because some sources are healthier than others. · Foods high in carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet.

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