Types of Vaccines


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Types of vaccines 1. live attenuated vaccines 2.inactivated vaccines 3.subunit vaccines 4.vaccines with toxoids 5.combined vaccines 6.DMA vaccines 7.recombinant vector vaccines

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Definition of vaccine This preventive practice is considered by OMS as the most important in health and one of the decisive instruments to promote health today,the development of reseasch in general biology,biochemistry,immunology and molecular genetics is allowing spectacular and new advances Approaches to vaccine design.

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What are vaccine? Vaccine are very important part of the health care of the entire community.They are responsible for providing protection against very serious disease.

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How do you get a vaccine? Vaccine are obtained from a procedure by which the microorganism causing the diasease is inactivated or weakened.When the vaccine is given to a person,the body recognizes it and produces defenses against the disease. FIN

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