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Discovering the Great Masters of Art Camp at UCP Mitra Asgarinik 22 July 2010 EEX 4070

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United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida – Loch Haven Center UCP’s goal is to offer hope to kids. UCP began in 1955 with a group of parents who started a program in a remodeled house on Colonial Drive. Today, UCP serves over 2,300 children from ages 3 to 21. UCP is staffed by a plethora of experienced and caring people. UCP serves children with all disabilities and developmental delays. Information from UCP of Central Florida

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Engagement Activities Our Group: I knew Alyssa and Derek from previous classes at UCF. We are all creative individuals, and when Derek proposed an art camp, we were so excited! Josh and Lauren joined our group because they liked the idea of an art camp too. Derek was the master mind of this project’s foundation, and he was gracious enough to provide the vast majority of the supplies himself! He provided our students with excellent art tools from art supply stores and Painted by Hue. Community Need: Students enrolled at UCP’s summer camp engage in many activities (arts and crafts, dance, games, sports, socializing, etc.). We thought these students would benefit from a truly artistic program, in which they could create person works of art using specific methods artists are known for.

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Participant Demographics We worked with students of different ages, ethnicities, and exceptionalities. I worked with the same three students each day, and they were absolutely amazing.  D: 20 years old, Caucasian, English speaker C: 19 years old, Caucasian, English speaker R: 8 years old, Caucasian, English speaker, Down syndrome We served a total of 15 students, where 3 students worked one-on-one with a member of our group. According to IDEA, my students are considered persons with disabilities due to their overall disability to “achieve adequately for the child’s age or to meet State-approved grade-level standards…when provided with learning experiences and instruction appropriate,” and specifically: Oral Expression Listening Comprehension Age Appropriate Expression

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Service in Action

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Perceptions of Differences Initial Thoughts Worried Apprehensive Inexperienced Complexity of Projects Am I a good enough teacher to analyze students and meet their specific needs?

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Perceptions of Differences Cont’d Current Thoughts: Eye-Opening I am now better prepared to teach students of all abilities Patience Use appropriate and effective redirections to keep students on task Students of all abilities are capable of completing the same assignment, as long as that assignment is adapted to each student’s unique needs

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Connections to Your Course Rebecca Hines’ EEX 4070 class, UCF 2010 Thanks to my service learning at UCP, I have a better understanding of: Learning disabilities in general, including how to appropriately and effectively instruct those with learning disabilities. Cognitive disabilities and how to effectively manage and help those with CDs succeed. Instructional strategies that can be used with those with and without disabilities.

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Civic Engagement Civic Engagement vs. Volunteerism Civic Engagement Volunteerism Civic engagement allows people from all abilities, backgrounds, and notions to learn from one another, leading to an invaluable experience. My Pop Art Example 

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Civic Engagement Cont’d This experience has inspired me to be an observant, creative, and accommodating teacher. I definitely encourage teachers and students to embrace service learning in their professional development and learning experiences. Invaluable Learning Professional Development Personal and Professional Connections Self-Discovery Hands-On Broadens Perspective

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Final Thoughts

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