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A Brief History of LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS A Learning Management System (LMS) is software used to deliver, track, and report e-learning courses. Learn more about the history of LMS’ in this interactive timeline. Click the arrow button.

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1990 Click the year button.

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1990 Nice! Click the year button.

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2004 2002 Keep going!

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2004 SCORM 2004 Webtwo ipsum imvu dopplr yuntaa zynga grockit reddit, mzinga scribd plugg etsy, unigo foodzie dopplr zoho. Yammer reddit weebly kippt imvu skype, yuntaa cotweet flickr. Yuntaa quora disqus koofers tivo, divvyshot kippt shopify zynga, twitter tumblr skype. Wakoopa cloudera kiko, boxbe. Chumby insala zlio convore imvu plugg ifttt cuil, ebay elgg omgpop fleck glogster. Cotweet groupon jibjab tumblr, boxbe divvyshot. 2004

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2008 Almost there…

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2013 2004 2013

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2017 Nearly all cloud-based Content as a Service (CaaS) More Support for Adaptive Learning APIs Robust data analytics THE FUTURE OF THE LMS? You’re all l caught up!

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