Game Procedures- The Game


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Game Procedures- The Game

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GAME PROCEDURES Before you Arrive at Fields Meet the Site UIC Fitness of Grounds Time Limits Run Rule Tie Breaker Conferences Offensive Defensive Pre-Game Run Scores

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Before you Arrive at Fields Insure all equipment and uniforms are ready for the next day / weekend. Make sure you have good directions to the park you are assigned to. Arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to game time

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Meet the Site UIC When you arrive at park, contact the UIC * Schedule Changes * Need a winner? * Time limits? * Age groups…..10C Rules

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Fitness of Grounds The Umpires are the sole judges of the fitness of the grounds. The Umpire and/or Tournament Director shall suspend play if the weather or other conditions make play unsafe.

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Time Limits Seven (7) innings or the amount of time specified, whichever comes first. See your UIC when you arrive to check on time limits of games. No new inning will begin once the time limit has expired. Any inning which has been started prior to the time limit expiring will be completed. The time begins when the pre-game conference ends and the home team is allowed to take the field. A new inning begins as soon as the third out is recorded in the previous inning

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Run Rule 12 runs difference after 3 completed innings or 2 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. 10 runs difference after 4 completed innings or 3 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead. 8 runs difference after 5 completed innings or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is ahead.

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Tie Breaker Effective after 7 innings or time limit has been reached and score is tied. Often referred to as ITB (International Tie Breaker). The player (or a legal substitute), who had the last completed at bat, assumes a position on 2nd base. A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher. Continued every half inning until there is a winner. If the wrong player is placed on second base, the correct runner should be inserted immediately even if a pitch has been thrown, or the runner has advanced a base. All play made while the incorrect runner was on base stands. It is the responsibility of the Umpire and scorekeeper to notify the teams involved as to which player starts the half inning at second base.

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Conferences Defensive Three during a seven inning game. One extra per extra inning (non-cumulative) A coach, player or substitute may make a request for time for a conference. PENALTY> Removal of pitcher for remainder of game. Offensive One per inning Effective when live ball is declared at start of inning No conference charged Incapacitated player Pitcher removed as a pitcher Other team requests conference as long as ready to play when other team completes conference

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Pre-Game Conference (with Partner) Find your partners and discuss how you are going to “work the game” Fair/Foul Coverage Tag-Up/Touches Fly Ball to the outfield Coverage of Third Base Uncaught Third Strike Batted Balls that hit batter while in box. Umpire to Umpire Communication Find game balls and be on field at home plate at least 5 minutes before game time. Leave jewelry and cell phones in your vehicle.

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Pre-Game Conference (with Coaches) Who The home plate Umpire conducts the pre-game conference and both umpires should be at the conference. Base umpire stands at the front of plate / Plate umpire stands at the back of plate Have coaches and team captains (if they have them) introduce themselves. Home plate Umpire introduce base umpire then himself Lineup Card Accept the lineup cards from the coaches. Check to see that the proper number of players are listed Check that both first and last names are listed Check there are no duplicate numbers Check that substitutes are listed below the starters. Check to see if additional player (AP) and/or DP/FLEX are being used and they are listed in the correct spot. The Designated Player (DP) is listed in the lineup where they are batting. The FLEX is listed last on the lineup. If there are any problems get them resolved now! Once the lineup card is checked, hand it back to the coach and let him review it one more time, when you get it back then the lineup becomes official. Coaches Affirmation Ask if all players and equipment are legal and in compliance with USSSA rules. You must get a verbal reply of “yes”

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Pre-Game Conference (with Coaches) Contd. Briefly cover the following: Ground Rules for that field Any unique rules for that field Identify all openings in the field area where the ball may leave the field of play. Cover the rule for a trapped ball– fielder will raise hands. Cover the Run Rule/Time limit Cover Jewelry Do Coin Flip (make sure you have a coin for flip) or Most USSSA Points. Higher seed gets choice. No Warnings may be issued at the pre-game Start your timer !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Run Scores A runner scores one run each time the runner legally touches first, second, third bases and home plate or a runner starting at second in a tiebreaker inning touches third and home. Runs scored would not count When the third out is a force out When the third out is a batted ball in flight that is caught or prevented from being caught by interference If a base running infraction were the third out, runs scored by the following runner(s) would not count When a runner crosses home plate after a preceding runner is declared the third out for a base running infraction. With two outs, if the base missed were the first to which the batter or runner was forced to advance, no runs would score

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Questions ??? 1) After walking two consecutive batters, (a) F1’s coach or (b) F5 goes over to talk with F1 RULING: Legal in (a); this is a charged conference. In (b); F5 may go and talk to F1 this is not a charge conference (3-17, 4-8-A) 2) The manager requests time and a) goes directly out to talk to the pitcher. After talking with the pitcher, he informs the umpire he is changing pitchers or b) before crossing the foul line, informs the umpire that he is changing pitchers. RULING: a) This is NOT a charged conference. b) This is NOT a charged conference. (4-8-A)

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More Questions ??? 3) The coach of the team on defense goes out to talk to her pitcher in the eighth inning (a) after having used the three allowable defensive charged conferences in the first seven innings, or (b) not having used any of the three allowable defensive charged conferences in the first seven inning. RULING: There is no penalty in either (a) or (b). A team is permitted three defensive charge conferences in seven-inning game, and if a game goes into extra innings, that team is permitted only one charged defensive conference in each of the extra innings, and any unused defensive charged conferences in the first seven innings are no longer available. (4-8-A)

Summary: Rule 4