7 steps to lead a successful life


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7 Steps To A Successful And Effective Life

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Self Evaluation Discover yourself what you are ? evaluate your capacity. Based on capacity decide how much work you can handle. Start acting on that.

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Day Planning Star planning for a Day first Set small goals of the day which helps to reach your big goals. With the day planning you will not miss out anything in a Day.

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Set your goals as long, medium, and short term goals. Dream big have a specified goal based on that split them into Short Term Medium Term Long Term

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Time Management Avoid wasting of time for the unnecessary work Focus on which is important for you Always be keep track of time taken to complete your task.

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Do not be afraid of failure. “failures are stepping stone to success.” Don’t get back from your goal because of failure. If plan ‘A’ not work’s alphabet has 25 more letter to plan keep on trying you will succeed one day

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Learn to say No Take the task which is possible for you. Don’t work to get rewards from others, By taking which is not possible for you LEARN TO SAY NO.

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Remember, ‘Yes’ is not always the right answer. Don’t agree to all what other says blindly. Be brave to ask why and how.

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