Areas of Child’s Development Every School Must Focus On


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Areas of Child’s Development Every School Must Focus On

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Introduction Most children spend a majority of their formative years at school. As a result, the environment and teachings of the school affect not only their academic performance but also the overall development of their personality. A good school produces well-rounded, ethical, and compassionate global citizens who are multi-talented and hard-working. In the modern world, a school must oversee a child’s moral, extra-curricular, and psychological development as well as his or her academic achievements. In the following slides, take a glance at the areas of a child’s development that the every modern school must focus on.

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Extra-curricular A good school must nurture the innate talent and passion of every student. Each child is unique and has his own strengths and weaknesses. A weak academic performer might one day emerge as a great sportsman. It is, therefore, a school’s responsibility to help its students recognize, develop, and follow their passion. Only then can the school produce well-rounded achievers who excel in every field.

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Ethics In the global village that we inhabit today, it is not enough to be a talented worker. To truly thrive in the modern world, an individual must prove his integrity and moral fiber to the world. He must prove himself trustworthy and reliable. Schools, therefore, must focus on inculcating a sense of morality and ethics in their students. They must be made aware of environmental, social, and global problems and be taught to think not only about themselves but about the world they inhabit. The future leaders of our world must endeavor to create a sustainable and compassionate society.

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Academics As a primarily academic institution, a school must, of course, contribute significantly to the academic development of its students. It must inculcate in them the willingness to learn and grow by making education enjoyable rather than tedious. It must also prepare them for the competitive exams that they will need to face in the future.

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