Life isn’t always black & white


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LIFE isn’t always black & white

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LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS BLACK AND WHITE…  … but sometimes it can sure feel like it. As we head into the second month of 2018, it's ending up obvious that we're set out toward one more year of stark differentiations amongst good and bad, advance and rot, acknowledgment and prejudice.

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We have to remind ourselves day by day that there is such a great amount of good on the planet and in the event that we center around that, it will develop and increase. We likewise have the chance to go to bat for what we put stock in and discover significance and group. When we encounter foul play it allows to battle it and roll out genuine improvements—simply take a gander at all the advance made for the current year with the #metoo #timesup #blacklivesmatter #takeaknee and #lovewins movements.

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Being the endless self assured people that we will be, we see this a period of chance. Now and then stark differentiations make the most wonderful pictures, as our specialists will appear beneath with exquisite highly contrasting pictures that pass on both the liveliness and essentialness existing apart from everything else. In these transitional circumstances, we're an asset to be depended upon, and we'd get a kick out of the chance to impart to you a couple of our esteems:

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Gorgeous Black and White Images

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Simplicity Keep it basic. Have everything. Inviting Dimitri to the Traffic family as a marketing specialist and innovative executive, we've discovered shared belief over this common love of effortlessness and our drive to take out mess until just what's really vital remains. Dimitri Ehrlich has composed everything from two #1 hit singles in Japan to promotions for Apple, Nike, L'Oreal and others, to news-casting for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Interview Magazine, where he worked for a considerable length of time as an editorial manager. While the scope of his ability is unmistakably expansive, it is brought together by a stark, straightforward sensibility tweaked to make a stylish that is exceptionally Dimitri.

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Dimitri Ehrlich Dimitri has composed TV, intuitive and print promoting for Apple, Nike, Citibank, Gray Goose, Tommy Hilfiger, L'Oreal, Joseph Abboud, Dockers, The Gap, Timex, Smirnoff, Banana Republic, The Sci-Fi Channel, USA Networks, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Theory, Weight Watchers, Tanqueray, CNN, Rose's Lime Juice, David Yurman, BCBG, The New York Times, The Sundance Channel, and MTV. He's the father of the Daddy Diaries.

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Authentic Relationships After more than twenty years of association, popular artist Izak Zenou and famous fifth Avenue mark, Henri Bendel, have collaborated indeed. This time, they're discharging a fun and crisp gathering where road style prints slam into exemplary Bendel outlines. Just propelled for the current month, the accumulation includes Izak's understanding of New York City Punk.

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Izak Zenou “Henri Bendel is like family, we’ve been together for a long time (we just celebrated 20 years) and we keep evolving and changing together. I realize this is a priceless relationship, as most collaborations last a season or a year. We love each other more as each year goes by. And that’s family!”— Izak 

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To see more visit Henri Bendel stores and also go online at Izak’s pop-up art studio at the 5th Avenue location has been extended to the end of February. Go visit! Have a cup of tea and chat a bit. 

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Life is Art Photographer, Michael Mundy, has made an art of capturing specialists and creative's in their studios and spaces, most broadly in his task an Afternoon With… He went to workmanship paradise & back shooting Brooklyn-based craftsman Lorna Simpson in her broadly planned studio by planner Sir David Adjaye & shot for Galerie Magazine. With his one of a kind present for transforming a straightforward inside shot into a personal representation of whomever the room has a place with, Michael has caught both the poise and the profoundly felt torment that portrays Lorna's work, a lot of which is revolved around race and sexual orientation in America. Michael's downplayed style permitted the magnificence of Lorna's specialty and David's outline to radiate through when centered under his profoundly compassionate, individual focal point.

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Lorna Simpson Antwaun Sargent of Galerie writes, “Simpson works in a variety of mediums, but she is best known for her photography-based conceptual pieces that use images of African-American women to deconstruct issues around race, gender, and identity—often with an undeniable lyricism. An influential figure in the art world for more than a quarter-century, she was the first African-American woman to show at the Venice Biennale, in 1990, and she was given an acclaimed solo exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art the same year.” Simpson's latest display, Lorna Simpson: Hypothetical? was appeared at the Fischer Landau Center for Art in Queens this past Summer. Michael Mundy has worked for top-tier magazines including Travel & Leisure, Vogue, W, Town & Country, and Wallpaper.

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Michael Mundy commercial clients include Baker, Calvin Klein, J. Crew, Frette, Grey Goose, Halston, Herve Leger, Kohler, Morgans Hotel Group, Andre Balazs, 1 World Trade Center, and The Durst Organization. He is the author of the blog “An Afternoon with…” and the founder of DV8 Magazine.  Read the full article on Galerie and more from Michael Mundy. 

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Character We maintain everybody to have solid character. It is the foundation of independence and the premise of our esteems. Without every last one of our one of a kind viewpoints, idiosyncrasies, and abilities, we would not produce the lively groups that make our reality so extraordinary.

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Character is also valued in the letterform, which interestingly enough is a character. Whether a serif, or san serif, a light, medium or bold or even hand-rendered, which many of our illustrators are skilled, the distinction is important.  Click here to see more striking lettering from our artists. 

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Human Connection Digital presentation can be beautiful, however when you see our artist Jason Brooks' hand-rendered design and way of life outlines, you'll in all likelihood be reminded exactly how imperative the human touch can be, both in workmanship and life. Jason's hand-drawn delineations are rich in esteem, bound with complicated complexities and inhales of existence with each line and stroke. A profound feeling of association is quickly felt. In a period where it appears that uncouthness is compensated and restriction is expelled, we have to maintain effortlessness and class like never before. Jason Brooks' straightforward yet upscale representations indicate us exactly the amount of an effect class, nobility and excellence can have in this world.

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Jason Brooks Illustration For more work by Jason, click here. 

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Laughter We can’t forget to see the light. Laughter heals the heart like nothing else, and nobody knows this better than our favorite cartoon illustrator Mokshini, whose quick, bright, lively images can put a smile on any face. 

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Mokshini Cartoon Illustration

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Mokshini has worked together with brands, for example, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, J Crew, and Turner Classic Movies as an artist and material creator. Her delineations have showed up in Harpers Bazaar, V Magazine, Huffington Post, Fashion Unfiltered and Afropunk. She works routinely as a live artist for Prabal Gurung and Alice and Olivia amid New York Fashion Week. Click here to see the latest from Mokshini. 

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Socrates Quote

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Summary: LIFE isn’t always black & white, but sometimes it can sure feel like it.

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