Which Factors Need To Be Considered For A Successful Deep Brain Stimulation


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While there is no permanent cure for movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, tremor, and the like, there are temporary treatments that can help control and manage the condition. For the initial stages of the condition, there are medications and injections that can be given to the patient, alongside which various kinds of therapies and exercises are suggested. But, if the condition has gone far beyond what medications and therapies can control, there is a Deep Brain Stimulation surgery that can be performed to improve the quality of life of patients. But, this surgery can highly impact the life of patients in both ways – positive and negative. The positive impacts are the improvement in the condition of the patient, and the negative impacts are that the surgery is an invasive one wherein a neurotransmitter is implanted in the chest area, and electrodes are implanted in the brain; thus affecting the physical components of the body. This is why it is important to consider these four significant factors for having an appropriate surgery executed. Determining the accurate diagnosis Before performing the surgery, it is important that the perfect diagnosis is done. Determining the accurate diagnosis is important for optimal surgical outcomes. Performing the Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for a patient not suffering from a movement disorder will provide little or no benefit. However, the surgery also does not pose any side effects, which clearly shows that this surgery does not impose long-term changes to the brain circuits. But, in spite of all this, it is advisable to consult an expert movement disorders specialist in Bangalore like Dr. Shivam Mittal, to conduct an accurate evaluation, taking into account the patient’s condition, medical history, and clinical response.

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Identifying the appropriate brain and chest targets It is important to identify the appropriate brain and chest targets to implant the electrodes and stimulator. For this, a team approach is important, including professionals like a neurosurgeon, movement disorder neurologist, and neuropsychologist. Such a professional team can consider the various aspects of the patient like body anatomy, the psychological state, the cognitive state, and the specific symptoms causing the disability. These aspects are important to consider in order improving the symptoms without altering the patient’s psychological state. Using a customized guidance system to place the electrodes Placing the electrodes in the right position and placement is very important for an effective surgery. Several technical advancements have improved the precision of electrode placements today. One such technology is a custom-made mini frame, created specifically for a patient. It is used only once and allows bilateral electrode insertion simultaneously. Also, the device is lighter than a conventional frame and does not require any head fixation during the surgery. Moreover, with customization been already done, there is no need for any measurements during the procedure, which makes the surgery comfortable and shorter. Post-operative long-term management Just as important the surgery is, equally important is the quality of care after the procedure. Optimal post-operative management is important. For this, post-operative imaging can show the position of the electrode. Also, the patient’s medication should be adjusted as the surgery is programmed, which can be reduced once it is initiated. In this way, considerations are important before, during, and also after the surgery in case of a Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Equally important is an experienced multidisciplinary team, personalization, and quality of care. Stay social with us on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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