Positive Impacts of Forest Management on Pinus jeffreyi in Sagehen Creek


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Positive Impacts of Forest Management on Health of Pinus jeffreyi in Sagehen Creek Angela Delos Santos, Brittney Martinez, Grace Rosburg, Ronald (Ronnie) Thompson, Sarah Ardell CEC Summer 2018

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The Benefit of Trees O2 CO2 O3, NO2, SO2

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Natural Threats to Trees

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Resin: A Tree’s Defense Carries sugar, water, hormones and minerals Excretes against wounds and infections Antiseptic* Indicator of tree health *Nix, 2018

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Resin of Pinus jeffreyi What is the effect of human disturbed sites on tree health of Jeffrey Pine trees at Sagehen Creek Reserve? Trees with higher amounts of stress will have a greater response rate of resin excretion and will be more likely to have neighbors with resin presence Hypotheses: There will be more symptoms of stress present in thinned sites versus controlled due to human interference

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Thinned site Controlled site

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Results Results Presence of reproductive parts is greater in thinned areas than control P = 0.02

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Results Discussion More resources to invest in reproduction P = 0.02

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Results Results Presence neighboring tree sap increased sap clump counts in thinned forest area but not in control area

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Results Discussion Mechanism unclear Possible evidence against eavesdropping

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Results Results Length of resin flow 24hr after puncture in small trees (circumference < 1.5 m) in Control sites is smaller than elsewhere *Grainer, 1996

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Results Discussion Smaller canopy cover in thinner areas may explain greater resin flow due to effects of transpiration* *Grainer, 1996

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What does this all mean? Signs of greater health of Jeffrey Pine trees in Thinned site Less signs of stress Healthier trees mean more ecosystem services Thinning of forests may be a good thing

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Things we could have done Bark beetle presence impact on Jeffrey Pine trees Collected a greater sample size Tested the rate of resin excretion

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What’s next? Resin excretion and how it varies in different habitats Forest management effects on biodiversity Further experimentation to test eavesdropping Research on other trees other than Jeffrey Pine

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Thank you! Questions?

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Acknowledgements Sagehen Creek Reserve: for letting us perform experimental treatments on your beautiful Jeffrey Pine trees, along with conducting a sound management of your forestry habitat (as supported by our data) Tim Miller and Krikor Andonian: for your unconditional guidance and support

Summary: Summer, 2018

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