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CIMA Risk Management P3 Exam Dumps For more exam info:

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P3 Risk Management P3 shows how to identify, evaluate and manage various risks that could adversely affect the implementation of the organisation’s strategy. It provides the competencies required to analyse, evaluate and apply the techniques, processes and internal control systems required to manage risk. This insight is then used to manage the risks associated with both cash flows and capital investment decisions – two important areas of organisational life for which the finance function is responsible.

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Sample Question: 1 Which of the following statements are correct? A. It is always possible to remove all risks when undertaking large projects. B. If a project has high risks it should always be accepted as the rewards will always be high. C. If a project has low risks it will usually have relatively low returns. D. Risk can always be transferred to someone else. E. Risk should be carefully considered when evaluating possible future projects. Answer: C, E CIMA P3 Dumps, P3 Exam Dumps, P3 Question Answers

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Sample Question: 2 VBN's home currency is the V$. On 1 January, VBN must make a payment of C$2 million on 31 March of that same year. On 1 January the spot exchange rate was V$1 = C$0.4. On 1 January VBN paid $180,000 for a call option to buy C$2 million for V$5.5 million on 31 March. VBN's cost of borrowing was 8% per year. On 31 March the spot rate was V$1 = C$0.45. What was the total cost, including the cost of the option, of settling the payable? A. V$4.628 million B. V$5.684 million C. V$4.444 million D. V$5.5 million Answer: A CIMA P3 Dumps, P3 Exam Dumps, P3 Question Answers

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CIMA Risk Management P3 Exam Dumps For more exam info:

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