Andy Murray’s Net Worth, Salary and Endorsements


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ANDY MURRAY Net Worth, Salary and Endorsements

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ABOUT Scottish tennis star Andy Murray represents the unofficial fourth member of the Big 4. While the likes of Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are far better, the Briton is an excellent player in his own right.

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ANDY MURRAY’S ENDORSEMENTS It isn’t surprising to learn that he has a staggering net worth of US$100 million. His US$60.93 million in prize money ranks fourth all-time. In 2017, his salary was around $14.8 million, whereas his income from his various endorsements was $14 million. He was passed by American tennis star Serena Williams, with a total earning of $11.5 million. However, Murray can be cut some slack as he was out of action for most of the 2018 season. In 2016, he penned a deal with British car manufacturing giant Jaguar. His four-year partnership with clothing giant Under Armour is worth US$25 million.

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ON-COURT ACHIEVEMENTS While he may not be as decorated as the rest of the Big 4, Murray’s stats are not too shabby. The Briton has claimed 3 Grand Slam titles and 29 ATP titles. Coming back to the Grand Slam wins, he won the 2012 US Open. He also clinched the Wimbledon two, in 2013 and 2016.

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FOUNDATIONS AND CHARITY WORK The Scot has promised his support to charities like Comic Relief, (RED), Sports Relief, UNICEF and others. Comic Relief aids homeless and needy people in especially in terms of disaster relief. Make-A-Wish Foundation helps children with terminal illnesses fulfill any dream of theirs.

Summary: Andrew Barron Murray is a Scottish professional player of tennis, who represents Great Britain in the game. He has an whopping net worth of US$100 million.

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