Passive Income From 1 Week of Work


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Passive Income From 1 Week of Work

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A concerned citizen may want to use the Internet to further a political agenda. A budding entrepreneur may want to achieve her dream of becoming financially free, and never have to work for someone else again. For an Internet marketing strategy to keep-up in today's economy, it must be dynamic and evolve. It's no longer about simply getting someone to a web site and hoping they'll buy. You need to have an end-measurable goal that translates in personal or professional success. Depending on what you want to achieve, you may use all or only a few of these techniques.

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A salesperson that works for a corporation and who simply wants to generate leads without cold calling is going to need only about half of the techniques in the above list. Someone like myself, however, who wants to make huge amounts of money on autopilot, is going to use everything listed above and plus much more. On the other hand, salespeople who are to generate leads and nothing more will be surprised at how much of this list will apply to them. Just because you're not a business owner yourself doesn't mean you can't use the same powerful tools they do! The take-home message: remember to have a specific measurable and profitable goal. Over the years, I have read about, put into practice, and managed and trained many people to develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Timely) goals.

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The one thing I have learned about Internet Marketing is that the unbelievable is achievable in less time than believed. But you need to know what your Internet marketing goals are. Write them down. Make them specific. Don't say, "I want to stop cold calling." Aim big and be specific, e.g. to achieve 300% of your quota without cold calling. Don't say state: "I want to get rich on the Internet. Again, make the goal specific: Decide on an exact amount you hope to make, don't be afraid to convert your goals into tangible rewards to build your ideal lifestyle - turning that dream car or home into reality can be a great motivator! If you are considering setting up an Internet-based business, and you have been researching on the things you need before you can get started, there is a possibility that you would have come across an 'Internet merchant account' as one of the things you may need.

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Being new to these matters, you could have found yourself wondering what such account is and how it will be of service to you. It is these matters that we will proceed to explore, for your edification. Now in order to understand what the Internet merchant account is, it is important to understand firstly of the fact that most payments on the Internet are usually done through credit cards.

Summary: The way the arrangement usually works is such that the people looking to purchase various things (both tangible goods as well as services) select what they want to purchase, may be put it onto a virtual 'shopping cart' and then go to the 'checkout section' of the website from which they are looking to purchase the stuff. At the checkout section, they enter their credit card details (basically their credit card numbers, expiry dates and 'signature numbers') and upon deduction of the value of their purchases from their online account, get their products shipped to them. The shipping, of course, can be instant in the case of things like E-books that are immediately available upon payment.

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