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Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak

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Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak is a full service law firm providing a wide array of services including Personal Injury, Business Law, Real Estate Law and Bankruptcy Law in California regions including Sacramento. Hanecak Law

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Car accidents Motorcycle accidents Truck accidents Bicycle accidents Pedestrian accidents Public Transportation accidents Drivers Without Insurance Wrongful Death Injury claims we handle for you

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Breach of Purchase Agreements Misrepresentation by Buyers, Sellers, and Agents Suits Against Financial Institutions Title Disputes Boundary Disputes Liens Escrow Mediation and Arbitration and California Association of Realtors (CAR) Forms Real Estate Attorney

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Enforcing leases Breaches of warranty of habitability due to toxic mold, rodent or vermin infestation, or other health and safety violations Failure to properly document and return security deposit Improper disposal or care of personal property in a residence by a landlord Landlord tenant disputes handle for you

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If you get an car accident. We are here to fight with insurance company for your claim. We provide best in class service for our clients. We handle each case with the same tenacity and attention to detail no matter how small or large. You can rest assured that we represent your interests in your personal injury claim, but we are respectfully representing your name as well. Why choose us..?

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Personal Injury Attorney Hanecak 2399 American River Dr., Suite 2 Sacramento, CA 95825 (916) 619-5452 Contact us

Summary: If you get injured in a car crash, we are here to help you if insurance companies are not taking your claim seriously. Feel free to contact us for free legal advice. Contact us today at (916) 619-5452 for your free case evaluation today or visit

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