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No doubt on Sun’s power Just because of these LEDs charged with Sunlight, they termed as Solar light, solar lamps and solar panels. With ultra-efficiency energy saving, high power and built with sophisticated design, these LED Solar Lights are no doubt would give the indoor as well as outdoor space proficient look. Within recent years, the demand of LED Solar Lights have grown tremendously, and why not, they require less maintenance and comes with a life-long warranty. Moreover, you don't need fuel, kerosene to keep them charged; they absorb sunlight which keeps them running the entire day.  Though LED Solar Lights have a higher initial cost and also are weather dependent. Also, they don't produce any indoor/outdoor air pollution. www.ledmyplace.com What features make LED Solar Lights different from others? Extended Battery The LED Solar Lights have their own battery, which has different life cycles. Backup days/hours of LED Solar Lights are affected too by the capacity of the battery. Hence, the battery’s life cycle is very important as it will Change its lifetime.

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www.ledmyplace.com Size Of course, LED solar light comes in a variety of sizes. The outdoor LED would be significant and require much space as compared to indoor ones. Solar Panel The most critical parts of solar lights is the photo-voltaic panel which is used to convert solar energy into electricity. There are two types of solar panels used with LED Solar Lights poly-crystalline and mono-crystalline. The main difference between the two is the conversion rate, with poly-crystalline panels having a lower conversion rate than mono-crystalline. Charge controller It usually defines the time that lighting and charging of LED Solar Lights should be switched on/off.

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