Vitrified step riser tiles at AGL


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VITRIFIED step riser tiles at AGl

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VITRIFIED STEP RISER TILES AT AGL FULL BODY VITRIFIED They are thick tiles Known for its low porosity Withstand heavy traffic Not easily crack-able

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VITRIFIED STEP RISER TILES AT AGL ANTI-SKID SURFACE It is durable and withstand vast amount of traffic Reduces the risk of slipping or skidding Provides a visual warning to blinds and visually impaired It is also resistant to oil, fuel and other solvents

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VITRIFIED STEP RISER TILES AT AGL EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN Spills do not sink deep into the material Making it easy to clean with warm water No special chemicals needed to clean it A simple systematic approach is enough

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VITRIFIED STEP RISER TILES AT AGL READY TO INSTALL AGL Step tiles are ready to install and can be bought from nearest showroom. All you need to do is: Get a tile Plan a layout Decide a grout Lay off

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Get more information on AGL website or Visit your nearest AGL showroom!

Summary: AGL is offering matt vitrified tile for your stair that is step riser tiles. It is extremely durable and comes in varying colors to enhance the beauty of your space. Visit more,