converting fractions to decimals


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mcdonate (10 years ago)

That's nice! I use this site to convert fraction to decimal

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Converting Fractions to Decimals Step by Step tutorial by Michelle Klepper & Jennifer Duarte

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Step One Write the fraction on your paper. 3 numerator 4 denominator

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Step Two Divide the numerator by the denominator 0.75 4|3.00 -0 30 -28 020 -020 000

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Step Three Rewrite the equivalent fraction and decimal using equals. 3 4 = 0.75

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It’s Your Turn! Select a fraction (not the one used in the example). Convert it to a decimal. Show and explain your steps.

Summary: This short PowerPoint was a brief review on how to convert fractions to decimals that lead to a foldable activity.

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