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kushgreen (8 years ago)

(Ecosystem-Wind-Gravity) only can be rebred by activating (EPR)

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New Green Order

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EPR- its Mobil Tools Reducing CO2 Immediately On the Air FOR DOONATION CONTC Workers’ National Bank Khartoum-Sudan Swift cod -BIC: WONTSDKH- Account name -intentional group (dwlia) Account number -9683 C/OF –British Arab Commercial Bank-London (BIC; BACMGBZL)

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Direct Effected Soil Gravity Increasing CO2 Before After

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EPR on air Quality

Summary: The out come of any braining fouled machine uncountable toxics sanded out chimneys’ and vehicles exhausters ended into air decreasing oxygen increasing CO2 with attacking gravity liens EPR on air Quality Measurement in action spread circulars’force sweeper raiding elements of gases demonstrating scaled field of low air pressure on conditionals gravity indorsing high air pressure of deferent directions as out come of seasonal round the earth- arrival high preachers reserved by soil gravity orbits cooling atmosphere round distention EPR action with reduced of gas toxics witch is reconditions on interfaced earth gravity assaulting heater atmospheres demonstrating increasing of oxygen in the circular air orbits absorbing quality in our galaxy color mirror reflecting solar light received by lemmatizing destination Refraction wider activity on earth interfaced hosting scanning nerve gravity requiring fulminated the new green earth order reprising ecosystems

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