Types of Sentences


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Types of Sentences By Jennifer Duarte

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Declarative Sentences Use when you want to make a statement Use a period (.) at the end of the sentence The man threw the papers into the air.

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Exclamatory Sentence Use when you want to show powerful feelings or emotions Put an exclamation mark (!) at the end of the sentence Ah! Please catch me!

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Imperative Sentence Use when you tell someone to do something Put a period (.) at the end Cut the tape off me.

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Interrogative Sentence Use when you ask a question Use a question mark (?) at the end of the sentence Where are those instructions?

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Your Foldable

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Exclamatory & Declarative

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Imperative & Interrogative

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Your foldable must include: Exclamatory Declarative Imperative Interrogative Definition Type of punctuation used Sample sentence Picture that illustrates your sentence

Summary: This powerpoint was used to introduce the four sentence types and showcased a foldable as a student product.

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