Hilarious Real Estate Headline Bloopers


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Beautiful custom kitchen…. features hardwood floors and a large panty. IN CASE THE PRICE SCARES YOUR BLOOMERS OFF!!

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FOR ADDED SPARK.. NO DOUBT! Bright open space features high volted ceilings.

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DOES A SHEPHERD LIVE HERE?? The focal point of this spacious living room is the wool burning fireplace.

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Gleaming hardwool floors throughout main level SOMEONE NEEDS TO SELL THAT SHEPHERD A STABLE!!

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Open House Saturday. For details call Stan your neighborhood realator. THEN CALL YOUR DOCATOR..

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. REALTOR BY DAY.. DOCATOR BY NIGHT?? Thank you for your patients

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AN ALTERNATIVE TO EVICTION.. IN ONTARIO Seller will pay to dislocate tenant..

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Lower level is finished & includes a fully equipped Jim WOW… IS JIM SINGLE???

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Beautiful new sherry cabinets FOR SERIOUS DRINKERS ONLY!!

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NO COMMENT Trampoline & fool not included.

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Props to Gwen Banks Agent Genius

Summary: Funny real estate headline bloopers

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