Progress of CLTS in Sub-Saharan Africa


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Community Led Total Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa – An Update Jane Bevan, UNICEF WCARO, July 2011

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Sanitation Coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa 3 out of 4 people do not have access to improved sanitation Estimated population open defecating: 224 M ODF growth is exceptional: Now 4.1M

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CLTS Progress in the WCA Region CLTS in national policies: A CLTS is explicitly included in official policy / strategy documents B CLTS is implemented in governmental programmes but not included in official policy / strategy C national policy / strategy is being elaborated / validated

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CLTS Progress in the ESA Region

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CLTS Progress in the West and Central Africa Region

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Improved sanitation facilities Unimproved sanitation facilities Open defecation The poorest in sub-Saharan Africa are more than fifteen times as likely as the richest to practice open defecation

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Key Elements of ODF Success High quality facilitation and good frequency of follow-up visits – at least 2x per week Coordinated national & regional partnerships are key for working at scale Invest in quality of facilitation and Natural Leaders Celebration, competition, awards

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Next steps for Scaling up CLTS Policy development and advocacy support Pro-poor sanitation marketing studies – models and research Improved CLTS training and monitoring Evidence building e.g. Mali health impact study Continued regional coordination for sharing best practice in CLTS Urban CLTS, schools, institutions………

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What do we still need to do better? Proceedings of CATS +2 suggested… Monitoring & Evaluating Behaviour Change Strengthening the ODF verification process Measuring progress in enabling environment, behaviour change for both sanitation and hygiene Sanitation Marketing Understanding the approach Developing the skillset Forging partnerships to work at scale Cross-cutting issues – equity, partnership, communities of practice

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“No open defecation in the bush!” Children in Kailahun outside their SLTS latrine © UNICEF/MUWODA 2010 Thank you!

Summary: Update on progress with CLTS in Sub-Saharan Africa, presentation by Jane Bevan, UNICEF WCA, at AfricaSan 3, Kigali, July 2011

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