#18B edWeb.net/emergingtech Session 18 (Dec. 14, 2011 4PM, EST)


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Circulation. Walked all over the library, really looking for probably first time! Like the shirt?

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if you are tweeting today please include the hash tag and Web.net in your tweets.

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All resources discussed during today’s webinar can be found at http://bit.ly/edwebet16

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Scavenger hunt!

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Scavenger hunt in a nutshell 10 tasks QR codes Mobile devices Computers Video instructions Library services Student created Impressive prize (raffle)

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CLUE #1 #1: Find and check out a book from the Twilight series in the Book Group book collection section of the library. When you check it out, the circulation assistant will give you a QR code to scan that will direct you to your next clue.

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Found Book Group collection!

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Clue #2 #2: Go to REFERENCE section of library and find a a book that indexes definitions of words, alphabetized by the first letter in the word. Open one, scan the code, enter the book’s call number in the form, and find the link to your next clue at the bottom of the form.

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Clue #3 #3: In what 2 places do librarians post online research instructions? Write them down on an index card and bring them to one of NCHS’s two librarians. She will sign your index card, collect it, and give you the QR code for your next clue.

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Clue #4 #4: What is the URL for the New Canaan High School Library’s Facebook page? “Like” the New Canaan High School Library Facebook page and take a screen shot of the page AFTER you “liked” it. Bring the page to a member of the ICT faculty and they will give you your next clue.

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Picture of sign with fines

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Clue #6 #6: Go to Destiny, NCHS’s online library catalog. Recommend a book to imaginary.student, then search for “Scavenger Hunt QR code”, then scan the image for your next clue.

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Clue #7 #7: Tweet or Facebook a photo of the Rowling books in the Fiction section of the library to Ms. Luhtala (Michelle Loots) at http://facebook.com/nchslmc or on Twittter (@mluhtala). In her Facebook photos, you will find the QR code to your next clue. If you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account, email the photo to her at contact@nchslibrary.info. She will reply with the QR code.

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Clue #8 #8: What years does ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Hartford Courant cover in the Historical Newspapers database? Write the date range on an index card and give it to the library’s circulation desk. The instructional assistant or volunteer will give you the code to the next clue. NOTE: please have them write their name on the index card!!! I forgot to include that in instructions.

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Clue #9 #9: Locate a copy of the Timetables of American History in the Reference section of the library. The QR code for your last clue is there.

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Index cards with ProQueQuest info

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#edwebet @mluhtala

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Resource list for this webinar: Growing Cybercitizens

Summary: This presentation was too long to upload at once. It is divided into two presentations #18A and #18B. Summary: Note: All rights to edWeb.net presentations below belong to edWeb.net Please contact Lisa Schmucki (lisa@edweb.net) for permission to republish. How do you teach digital citizenship to a generation raised, in many cases, with multiple digital identities? In this session, we will review privacy rights, and examine instructional tools and strategies for teaching students to be respectful, and security conscious contributors to online communities.

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