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Metalurgy, plastics and composites

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The Kleenoil bypass filter diverts a small percentage of the normal oil flow and directs it through a bypass loop. As it passes through the bypass filter, and before it returns to the normal flow, abrasive particles such as carbon, soot, wear metals and silican (dirt) down to one micron size are removed, along with all water. The cleaned oil is then returned to the normal flow effectively in its original new condition. By removing these impurities as they occur, the Kleenoil bypass filter prevents the buildup of acid and particulates and maintains the oil within its operating specification. Thus your engine oil lasts between five times longer than it used to under certain conditions and hydraulic up to ten times longer: you only need to change it one fifth as often as you did before...really! By removing the two items which directly and indirectly cause damage, the engine life is dramatically extended.

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Go GREEN! - Keep it KLEEN Kleenoil Onboard Oil Recycling Systems

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Equipment Efficiency Challenges Reduced sump capacities Tighter tolerances Increased PSI’s Stronger materials Higher cycle temperatures will invariably pose tribological problems of the top ring, piston, valve seats, and valve guides

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Tighter Tolerances In engineering, we’ve grown accustomed to machines and their component parts becoming stronger, lighter, cheaper, smaller, more powerful and more efficient. Brendan Casey, "Heating Things Up: What’s Next in Hydraulics?". Machinery Lubrication Magazine. March 2009

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2 Micron Tolerances Servo Valve Also Fuel Injectors

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Heat can be your biggest enemy of a hydraulic system It’s bigger than particle and water contamination these days due to the widespread understanding and adoption of modern filtration technologies. According to Arrhenius’ Law, for every 10°C increase in temperature, the rate of reaction doubles. The chemical reactions we’re concerned with – in so far as hydraulic oil life is concerned – are oxidation (due to the presence of air) and hydrolysis (due to the presence of water). So the hotter the oil, the faster the rate of these reactions – and exponentially so.

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Long-Term Crude Oil Projections

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Long-Term Projected Fuel Cost

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Contamination “Any material not contained in the lubricant's formulation”

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How Big is a Micron

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ISO Code 4406 & 4406:99 The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a code system called ISO Cleanliness codes, a universal standard for measuring and reporting particulate contamination levels in fluids.

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ISO Cleanliness Code Rating Each code represents a range of solid particles present in a lubricant. MEASURING PARTICLES LESS THAN 15 MICRONS

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Generally Don’t Filter Below 25 Microns

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Irreversibly damages bearing surfaces

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What is a Kleenoil Bypass Filter? It is an on-board recycling system Removes all particles to 1 micron in size Removes 99.95% of all water Maximizes component life

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Kleenoil Filter Cartridge This Is The Technological Difference! It uses a cellulose filter medium that not only filters particles down to the size of 1 micron or less, but it also filters 100% of any water that may accumulate through condensation, or through the combustion process itself. This eliminates the possibility of corrosion and hydro cracking. Water contamination in lubricants can cut bearing life by as much as 80%.

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Comparison Full Flow Engine Oil Filter Kleenoil Bypass Filter 30 to 40 quarts per minute Models differ but generally capture particles no less than 25 to 40 microns No water retention 3 to 4 quarts per minute Captures particles as small as 1 micron (3 micron absolute) Absorbs water

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It is a well known fact that marine engines and equipment operate in some of the most severe environments out on the water. It is paramount that engines operate efficiently and require as little downtime for maintenance as possible. Often, because the operating environment is so harsh, maintenance managers will have to change oil and filters earlier and more often to reduce engine wear. This, of course, increases operating expenses and increases the potential for environmental liability if a spill should occur. Oil changes on ocean and sea vessels are extremely expensive and oil disposal is a tricky situation at best. Kleenoil allows customers to keep their oil on marine vessels in a continuously clean condition thereby reducing oil change intervals, environmental risks, and downtime. Kleenoil for Marine Applications

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This is the inside of an engine head on a Detroit Diesel 3-71 that has a Kleenoil system installed on the Pentagoet Tug at the Maine Maritime Academy. This engine has 8,361 hours on it. As you can tell, this is squeaky clean on the inside. As a matter of fact, when the Detroit Diesel rep came out to look at the inside of the head, it was so clean that they basically called the Maine Maritime Academy liars when they told the rep how many hours were on the oil in the engine. The Maine Maritime Academy out of Castine, Maine is one of the most prestigious institutions of their kind. They train their students on every aspects of seamanship from Captains to engineers to deckhands from all over the country. Most of the students of the Maine Maritime Academy that graduate are immediately hired by top companies as the reputation of the schools graduates are so good. Kleenoil for Marine Applications

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Dipstick of an oil sample taken from a Detroit Diesel on the Pentagoet Tug with 8163 engine hours on it looking crystal clear! They were using Mobil Delvac 50 that they monitored every 200 engine hours and changed once a year! The particulate was lower on this sample than it was on brand new oil and this has 8163 hours on it. Before installing Kleenoil on the Pentagoet Tug, they were doing 5 oil changes a year at $1700 per oil change at the old prices before the most recent price hike on oil. Now, they are only changing their oil 1 time per year and keeping it in cleaner than brand new condition all the time. Kleenoil for Marine Applications

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Maine Maritime Academy

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Maui-Lana’s Ferry

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Pacific Whale Foundation

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Pacific Whale Foundation

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Brooklyn 6

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Quick Review Product with lifetime warranty Easy installation No moving or electrical parts Reduces maintenance Extends equipment life Reduces consumption of oil Reduces carbon footprint – Going Green

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Energy Drilling – Company Bio Energy Drilling Company is a privately owned, land drilling contractor based in Natchez, MS. Formed in March of 1979,Energy Drilling Company has been in business for over 30 years and currently operates nine drilling rigs in North and South Louisiana, East Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customer and offer a complete package, from engineering to operations. We drill wells on turnkey, footage and day work basis and specialize in drilling for independent operators. We build long lasting relationships with our customers through stellar performance and an emphasis on safety.

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Energy Drilling – Company Bio Energy Drilling Company has a fleet of nine drilling rigs – three 1000 HP box on box substructure rigs and 6 trailer mounted rigs. Our trailer mounted rigs have the same peripheral equipment as our 1000 HP rigs in the form of our mud pumps, generator sets, solids control equipment, kelly and pipe spinners, mud tank systems, etc. These accessories really make our trailer mounted rigs very versatile with regard to drilling 5000’-12,500’ wells.

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling – Kleenoil Case Study

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Energy Drilling Cost Breakout C13 Total Cost Prior to Kleenoil / Power Up = $58,694.08 after 23,888 hours Total Cost After Kleenoil / Power Up = $5,282.56 after 23,888 hours Total Cost After Kleenoil / Power Up (Savings in Oil Changes Alone) = $18,694.08 - $5,282.56 = $13,411.52 Total Savings with Kleenoil / Power Up (Including Engine Rebuilds) = $58,694.08 – $5,282.56 = $53,411.52 Net Savings $53,411.52

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Select Kleenoil USA Inc. Customers

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Power Up NNL 690 is a unique boundary lubricant which is specifically formulated to solve many of today’s tribological problems in high pressure boundary conditions where metal to metal contact is inevitable. NNL 690 works by forming a wear reducing, protective film which is capable of withstanding extreme pressures as high as 200,000 lbs per sq. inch. NNL 690 provides critical engine parts, such as the ring zone, cam lobes and turbocharger, with boundary lubrication protection far exceeding that of conventional oils. NNL 690 is a carefully balanced, complete additive package which contains anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, detergent/dispersants, viscosity index improvers, corrosion inhibitors and acid neutralizers.

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High Alkaline Reserve and Oxidation Inhibitors Neutralizes acid formation in oils Controls oil oxidation and thickening Extended Oil Life

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Primary Benefits of NNL 690: Strong film affinity maintains lubrication at start-up. By reducing the generation of large wear particles, the efficiency of the oil filter is improved. High base number helps neutralize acids that cause corrosion. Reduces friction and metal to metal contact in high load areas of the engine. Extends equipment life and increases equipment availability. Has a powerful detergent which cleans and suspends sludge and varnish.

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“Since adding NNL 690 to my truck engine my fuel economy has improved 1/2 mile to the gallon from 5.9 miles per gallon to 6.4 miles per gallon. In the past, on cold mornings, I had problems with the truck starting up. Now with the addition of NNL 690 it starts right up every morning, even in temperatures as low as 0 ⁰F.” Kevin Lovell, K&S Trucking - Yuma, Colorado

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Secondary Benefits of NNL 690: Reduces ultrasonic wear noise which relates directly to component wear. Helps prevent sludge and varnish formation. Lowers operating temperatures by reducing friction. Provides an improved seal around the ring zone area, improving combustion efficiency and reducing smoke opacity and blow-by. Reduces fuel and/or electrical power consumption. Improves filtration efficiency by reducing the generation of large wear particles. Extends equipment life and increases equipment availability. Reduces friction and lowers temperatures in critical bearing and ring zones.

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THIXOGREASE, the new generation, multi purpose grease from Power Up, provides superior protection in the boundary lubrication regime. THIXOGREASE is ideal for applications where high loads, extreme pressure or high temperature cause serious metal to metal contact and wear. Superior water wash resistance and rust corrosion inhibition allow THIXOGREASE to excel in areas where conventional greases fail. THIXOGREASE is made of a unique base which offers minimal oil separation or hardening and demonstrates excellent compatibility with many traditional soap oil greases. The primary benefit of THIXOGREASE is to reduce the friction caused by asperity (metal to metal) contact in the boundary lubrication regime. It is designed for grease filled applications where high temperature, extreme pressure, water and corrosion are common conditions.

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Additional Benefits of THIXOGREASE: Thixogrease reduces ultrasonic wear noise which relates directly to lower component wear. The high dropping point (570⁰F) and temperature pumpability of Thixogrease allow for a wide operating temperature range of 0⁰F to 480⁰F (-18⁰C to 250⁰C). Thixogrease is formulated with rust and corrosion inhibitors to withstand contamination and protect critical components. Exceptional water wash resistance allows Thixogrease to work in marine, pulp and paper, and similar applications. Thixogrease has outstanding shear stability, minimizing relubrication requirements. Thixogrease is ideal for use in centralized lubricating systems due to its excellent pumpability.

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“We were losing a bearing a month on our wet plant conveyors. Each time a bearing went bad it would take us two to three hours to replace, depending on the location of the bearing. It is calculated to cost us $1,500 an hour each time we have to shut down the wet plant for repair. In June of 2006 we started utilizing the Power Up Thixogrease and have not experienced a failure in the three years since, thanks to the Thixogrease.” Louie Figeroa, Cemex Plant Manager, Cortaro Plant, Arizona

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These graphs on the following pages illustrate that Power Up Thixogrease and its’ propriatary Overbased Calcium Sulfinate formula outperforms Aluminum, Lithium, Calcium, Bentonite (clay), and Poly Urea base or complex greases (below) in all major categories of compatibility, high temp performance, anti-wear protection, rust protection, corrosion protection, extreme pressure and resistance to water wash. Power Up Thixogrease gives you the flexibility of using a complete formulated multi-purpose grease no matter what the application.

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Power Up Diesel FX is a performance enhanced High Pressure Fuel Injector Antifoulant. Diesel FX prevents filter plugging and injector fouling due to extreme pressures and temperatures in today’s common rail fuel injection systems. It also increases cetane number, disperses moisture, and contains both a fully synthetic lubricity improver and corrosion inhibitor. Although developed for newer model vehicles, Diesel FX can be used in any diesel motor engine. For use in ULSD and Biodiesel blends. Primary Benefits of Diesel FX: Prevents filter plugging caused by thermal stressing within the engine Prevents fuel soot and sludge formation, extending fuel filter and injector life Cleans and prevents injector deposits in high pressure fuel injection systems Increases cetane number 3 to 5 numbers....can increase the Cetane number of diesel fuel up to 10%! Provides thermal and oxidative stability Improves and maintains fuel economy Reduces exhaust emissions Enhances lubricity with a fully synthetic non-acid lubricity improver Water dispersant to help safely remove water on a gradual basis Contains synthetic corrosion inhibitor Reduces cost of maintenance and downtime

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Specially Formulated To Tackle the Shortcomings of Modern ULSD and Biodiesel Diesel FX was developed in direct response to the performance issues surrounding modern diesel engines and new age fuels. Diesel FX complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements and does not exceed 15ppm. To understand the benefits of Diesel FX it is important to appreciate how recent advances in engine and fuel technology have impacted vehicle performance and fleet maintenance costs. The technology at the core of the modern diesel engine is very sophisticated. Developments like high pressure common rail (HPCR) direct fuel injection have transformed vehicle performance. Today’s engines are more powerful and more efficient resulting in lower emissions. Alongside advances in engines technology we have seen a major shift towards new age fuels. These have been introduced to help reduce the environmental impact of exhaust emissions. Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) contains less than 15ppm sulfur and is a cleaner alternative to traditional diesel fuels. With its use now mandatory under EPA legislation, this fuel has quickly gained acceptance across the United States. It is also used extensively in Canada. While the introduction of ULSD is to be supported, it should be recognized that the hydrotreating process used to remove sulfur from refinery streams has severe effects on fuel properties.

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Removing the sulfur not only affects a fuel’s natural lubricity, the process also removes nitrogen and oxygen. Without these naturally occurring components there can be problems with the fuel’s low-temperature handling, thermal stability (vulnerability to peroxide formation) and corrosion potential. This presents the fuel industry with the challenge of extracting maximum performance from today’s super-efficient engines while working with more problematic, yet environmentally friendly, ULSD fuels. Diesel FX was developed to address two critical performance issues: Injector fouling and Fuel Filter Plugging. Modern diesel engines operating on ULSD can be negatively affected by deposit contamination because of the extreme heat and high pressures generated by advanced fuel injection equipment.

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The Ultimate Cetane Number Booster! Higher cetane number means better ignition quality. It is widely recognized that high cetane number diesel fuels offer a number of benefits that are important for both engine performance and environmental health. Standard diesel fuel has a Cetane number of 40-44. Diesel FX will increase the cetane number of your diesel fuel by 3 to 5 numbers, which is important for efficient engine operation and emission control. Increasing cetane number can also reduce NOx emissions. Diesel FX will boost the cetane number of diesel fuel up to 10% using the recommended dosage! High cetane number fuels will start to burn earlier in the compression stroke, important for efficient engine operation and emissions.

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Fuel Filter Plugging Under the extreme high temperatures and pressures present in modern diesel engines, ULSD is thermally decomposed in the injection system. This process results in fuel filter plugging. Black soot like deposits form in the fuel filter. Field tests with heavy duty vehicles show that fuel filter plugging can occur after just 10,000 to 12,000 miles in operation. Filters are often found to be completely blocked with black soot and need replacing. Baseline (no additive) filter after 12,000 miles Fuel treated with Diesel FX after 30,000 miles - recommended preventative maintenance intervals (PMI).

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Kleenoil USA Inc. 6913 Ave. K #303 Plano, Texas 75074 Phone: 972-633-2226 e-mail: info@kleenoilusa.com To purchase Power Up products or to find out more about your specific lubrication needs please contact:

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“Make Green the new color of your bottom line!”

Summary: Kleenoil Bypass Filter System presentation for Marine industry

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