Meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton


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Meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Elizabeth was born on November 12, 1815 in Johnstown, New York. Margaret Cady Elizabeth’s Mother

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“Oh my daughter, I wish you were a boy!” Judge Daniel Cady Elizabeth’s father

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The Reverend Simon Hosack taught Elizabeth Greek.

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Elizabeth was the only girl in advanced language and math classes at The Johnstown Academy.

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Elizabeth and her friends often visited the jail and courthouse.

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“With constant visits to the jail, courthouse, and my father’s office, I gleaned some idea of the danger of violating the law.”

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Elizabeth wanted to cut the laws that were unfair out of law books.

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Judge Cady explained that if Elizabeth wanted to change a law, she would have to go to the New York State Legislature.

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Elizabeth met Lucretia Mott on her honeymoon with Henry at the World’s Anti-slavery Convention.

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Elizabeth was in Seneca Falls, New York when she and her friends decided to have a convention about the rights that women needed. The M’Clintock House where the women met.

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On July 19, 1848 Elizabeth read the Declaration of Sentiments at the First Woman’s Rights Convention.

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Frederick Douglass was one of the few people to agree with Elizabeth that women should have the right to vote.

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The Revolution begins Susan B. Anthony Matilda Joslyn Gage

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Women got the right to vote nationally in 1920. Alice Paul celebrates winning the right to vote with supporters.

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You can make the world a better place! Elizabeth with daughter, Harriot, and granddaugher, Nora. Nora had a daughter, Rhoda , who would have a daughter, Coline Jenkins, who narrated this story.

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