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sajani93 (9 years ago)

wow ur marvelous .cooool & coooool keep it up..

hattbuy (9 years ago)

thanks very good,Could you send a ppt to me,。

cosmosflower (9 years ago)

Amazing :)

amal_slm (9 years ago)

Congratulation...& wish you more success..

mtthwdyr (9 years ago)

Congratulations on your winning entry!!

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Jack Smith POA 2, 2009 Managers’ Meeting Houston, Texas

Slide 2

WELCOME to Sales Force Management Team Home Office Guests & Staff Senior Management All of You…The Best!

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All of You…The Best! WELCOME to

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That’s why the Texas flag is allowed fly at the same height as the US Flag

Slide 7

Washington D.C. Austin, TX

Slide 8

Tejas is not Mexican for Texas

Slide 10

State Slogan

Slide 12

It’s in Houston

Slide 14

Jim Demaret, golfer Allen Drury, novelist A. J. Foyt, auto racer Howard Hughes, industrialist & film producer Barbara C. Jordan educator, lawyer & politician Debbie Allen, choreographer Lance Alworth, football player Denton Cooley, heart surgeon Barbara Mandrell, singer Annette O'Toole, actress Dennis & Randy Quaid, actors Kenny Rogers, singer Patrick Swayze, actor & dancer

Slide 15

Great Things

Summary: Informative commercial "Top Ten" presentation about Houston for nationwide attendees. Original content with animations developed 100% in PowerPoint

Tags: line art houston vicoso visual content solutions powerpoint animation top ten

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