How to Crack a Case


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How to Crack a Case

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Don’t Read! First, Ask Yourself Four Questions: Why am I reading this? What do I expect to know when done reading? Which questions should I be able to answer? Which topics are relevant to this? S. S. Levine

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Don’t Read! Skim the Whole Text Flip the pages, and create a mental map of the text. Note: Titles and subtitles Appendixes and exhibits Graphs, diagrams Captions Next, guess what the text is about

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Now Read Carefully Keep your four questions in mind Look for main topics, and concentrate on them Details can distract. Decide which details are important Mark just one or two key sentences per paragraph S. S. Levine

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Summarize What’s the theme? Explain it in your own words Can you explain the purpose of each section, diagram and exhibit? If you can’t, read it again. Can you answer the four questions? If not, why not? S. S. Levine

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Link It When you create links in your mind, you’ll find better answers and remember better Have you read about similar themes? What was the context? What other facts can be relevant? Which theories and frameworks can you use? S. S. Levine